Thursday, June 30, 2022

Review: Chaos by Hayley Anderton & Laura Swift @handerton96


Apocalypse #3

by Hayley Anderton & Laura Swift

Published: June 30, 2022

Genre: Zombies, Horror, Young Adult, Post-apocalyptic


Just as things seem to be calming down, the members of the farm are about to face their biggest challenge yet. As a horde approaches, the team must fight in order to survive another night. But with their group vastly outnumbered and cracks beginning to show among them, survival seems to be slipping through their fingers.

Meanwhile, not everyone is banding together to save the world. With evil minds let loose and power imbalances beginning to surface, those with good hearts are about to realize that nice guys finish last.

The ranks of the dead are piling up.

Death is looming.

Rot is turning to ruin.

The apocalypse continues.

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My Review:

Chaos is the third book in the Apocalypse series by Hayley Anderton & Laura Swift. Chaos started out with a bang with our heroes fighting zombie after zombie. I was definitely on my seat at the beginning with all this zombie fighting and not knowing who was going to come out alive. It was a blast.

I love how everyone worked together to fight the rotters. I also love the kind of people the characters all are. They are kindhearted people who are always looking out for each other.

Chaos tells the stories of more than one character. I loved how easy it was to know when the story changed from one character to another without missing a beat. As I mentioned Chaos is the third book in the Apocalypse series and I have had the pleasure of reading all three and I must say loved each and every one. Each book is unique in its own way. Each story just gets better and better the more I read.

I love the world that has been created for this zombie-fighting world. The descriptions were done so well that I had no problem seeing it all play out before my eyes. I could feel the emotion coming from each character.

I love zombies and would like to recommend Chaos to any other zombie lover out there. Grab your copy of Chaos today for an action-filled world of the undead!

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