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Review: Nanoverse (Books 1-4) by Theophilus Monroe

Nanoverse (Books 1-4)

by Theophilus Monroe

Published: April 28, 2022

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Cybernetics


You have been marked by the algorithm as a threat to national security.

You are under arrest.

Your peripheral nervous system is now under the jurisdiction of the United States Bureau of Prisons.

You have been charged with attempted terrorism and found guilty.

The judgment of the algorithm is final.


Algorithm (Book 1):

Nanovax was supposed to be our salvation.

Death and disease, now obsolete.

Until the terrorist attack. Fifteen cities in a single day.

Again, they said Nanovax was the answer.

The same technology meant to heal us could now be used, through an algorithm, to track us, to predict human behaviors...

To thwart future terrorists.

I'm Lieutenant Brian Goff. I received the first injection.

It healed my wounds in the war. I became the face of Nanovax...

Then, the algorithm identified me as a threat... a terrorist...

Now, I'm on the run and fighting against the very technology that once saved my life... and if that wasn't frightening enough...

The government has my daughter.

Nanoswarm (Book 2):

The nanonetwork has been upgraded.

I can still access the nanobots...

But when I do, it leaves the host unconscious. Transferring their mind into the nanoswarm.

Dr. Archimedes Flat is expanding his nanoverse. Collecting minds to craft a new "utopia" forged from collective memory.

He believes it's the next step in human evolution.

And if a few people have to die to make it happen, well, in his mind that's nothing more than the survival of the fittest.

If I'm going to stop him, I'll have to fight him in the nanoverse itself.

But Flat designed the nanoverse. He's it's architect. The god of his digital world.

How can I possibly defeat the maker of the nanoverse from within his own creation? After all, in the nanoverse, Flat makes all the rules.

Posthuman (Book 3):

I'm losing myself in the nanoverse...

Am I even human anymore?

So many connections... so many people...

But where am I?

The resistance has been attacked.

How can I even fight back if I can't find myself?

I'll have to enter the nanonetwork myself...

If I can't set up a firewall to protect my identity...

I'll be lost forever.

Nanowar (Book 4):

The enemy has learned how to replicate in the nanoverse.

His plan remains the same.

To usher in the next chapter of human evolution. To convert all of humanity into a digital species, inhabiting a digital world.

The government has fallen.

The resistance is in turmoil.

If I'm going to save humanity I have no choice but to destroy the nanoverse.

But can I do that without also destroying myself?

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My Review:

New technology has been developed as a cure for all. The human race will live forever with this new technology called Nanoverse. There will be no more disease or life-threatening injuries all will be cured with Nanoverse.

If the people stay in the nanoworld long enough their bodies will die and they will have to stay in the nanoworld forever never able to return to the real world. The longer a person stays in the nanoworld the more addictive it becomes for them. I guess being able to create your own version of a perfect world for yourself is very seductive.

The world-building is spectacular in each and every book. The descriptions were vividly written making it so easy to see and imagine what was happening while at the same time having you wondering what was around the next corner. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as each twist was revealed and left me wanting more. I loved the world that was created for Nanoverse and could easily read more.

WOW! What an amazing world Theophilus Monroe has created for Nanoverse. This is definitely one for the big screen. Can you just imagine the graphics on this one?

Nanoverse is a very interesting and intriguing story that will keep you entertained throughout and on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

I highly recommend this addictive universe to one and all. One-click your copy of Nanoverse 1-4 today for a captivating adventure to a new world!

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