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Review: Algorithm (Nanoverse #1) by Theophilus Monroe


Nanoverse #1

by Theophilus Monroe

Published: October 28, 2021

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Romance, Cybernetics


Nanovax was supposed to be our salvation.

Death and disease, now obsolete.

Until the terrorist attack. Fifteen cities in a single day.

Again, they said Nanovax was the answer.

The same technology meant to heal us could now be used, through an algorithm, to track us, to predict human behaviors...

To thwart future terrorists.

I'm Lieutenant Brian Goff. I received the first injection.

It healed my wounds in the war. I became the face of Nanovax...

Then, the algorithm identified me as a threat... a terrorist...

Now, I'm on the run and fighting against the very technology that once saved my life... and if that wasn't frightening enough...

The government has my daughter.

Algorithm is the first book in Theophilus Monroe's Nanoverse, an action packed dystopian sci fi thriller series. As a former soldier, suffering from PTSD, Brian Goff is not only a threat to the new system, but his very injury has given him control over the nanobots. Like Neo, in The Matrix, Goff is an unlikely hero whose "technomagic" makes him the the last hope for human liberty, freedom, and justice.

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My Review:

New technology has been developed as a cure for all. The human race will live forever with this new technology called Nanoverse. There will be no more disease or life-threatening injuries all will be cured with Nanoverse.

Nanoverse was created to cure all illnesses but an algorithm has been found in the code that will also allow people to be tracked. It can also detect if a person is going to commit a crime. There is one problem with this new information, it does not work correctly as Brian Goff can attest to.

Terrorists have attacked fifteen cities in fifteen days. Brian is one of the people arrested for this crime. The thing is Brian did not commit this crime. He is innocent. Lieutenant Brian Goff was the first person to be injected with Nanoverse. Brian was injured by an IED explosion. Nanoverse saved his life. Brian lives alone with his daughter after the death of his wife about a year ago.

Brian is spending the day with his daughter in the park when he is arrested for terrorism. The same technology that saved his life is now holding him leaving him no control over his body he can’t even turn his head to look for his little girl who they are leaving in the park all alone. Just as Brian has been arrested and taken into custody he is whisked away by someone else, the resistance.

Now the government has his daughter. What do they want with his daughter? Maybe use her against Brian? Use her to get him back? Use her against Brian to get him to do what they want? All Brian wants to do is get his daughter back safely and he will do whatever it takes to get her back.

I wanted to read Algorithm for a while now. I have been thinking about Algorithm and the Nanoverse for days, weeks before finally giving in to read it and boy am I glad I did as it was everything I was expecting and so much more. It would not leave me alone staying in the back of my mind calling out to me ever so often until I finally gave in.

The world-building was spectacular. The characters were all just as wonderful. The descriptions were all so vividly written making it so easy for me to see it all in my head. I was pulled into Algorithm’s world from the first page. Algorithm was a fast-paced read as the action never let up. I can’t wait to dive into the next book Nanoswarm to see what is on the agenda for this wonderfully amazing world.

I enjoyed reading Algorithm so much that I would highly recommend it to science fiction and dystopian readers. One-click your copy of Algorithm today!


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