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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: by Julie Catherine @XpressoTours

Paranormal Bonds
Julie Catherine
(The High Council Witch Chronicles)
Publication date: April 12th 2022
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

When Mae Kingsley is forced to move into her family’s rundown lake house, she discovers small town living is not as simple as it seems. Bursts of violence, silent treatments, archaic rituals and two very cute guys with seriously mysterious motives all appear with the rising of the new moon.

But that’s nothing compared to the family secrets soon to be revealed. A box sealed in a vault, hidden rooms, naked swimming. There’s a trove of family revelations just beneath the floorboards, waiting to be exposed.

As the paranormal bonding season for the High Council Witches begins, Mae must quickly decide who to trust and who to fear before a deadly family tradition repeats itself and her chance to live a normal life completely disappears.

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My Review:

After the death of her mother Mae Kingsley’s aunt took her in and they have been moving around ever since. Mae has no idea why they keep moving around so much. Does it have anything to do with her mother?

Mae’s aunt never talks about her mother. She promises Mae over and over that she is going to tell her about her mother but she never does. Mae’s aunt and the whole town are keeping secrets, secrets that they sure do like to hold on to revealing them slowly one at a time.

On her first day of school Mae wears a necklace that belonged to her grandmother and loses it. Mae’s mother gave her the necklaces. Mae tries her best to find the necklace before her aunt finds out she lost it. On her hunt for her necklaces, Mae starts to unravel some of the secrets that everyone is doing their best to keep hidden.

Mae and her aunt move into their family’s rundown lake house. For Mae, this means a new school and new friends, hopefully. I am assuming that it is tough on Mae moving around so much having to jump from one school to another making or trying to make new friends every time. After a while I guess you would get to the point of why bother after all you are just going to up and move away, again leaving behind all your friends, heartache after heartache. So again I would say why bother?

Mae meets some very interesting people, other students at her new school who are hiding a few things of their own. Like a paranormal bonding. You can hang out and be with anyone you want but you will be bonded with a certain person. No one is given a choice in this matter.

What is Mae’s aunt hiding from her about her mother? Does it have anything to do with the witches' council? Does it have anything to do with the paranormal bonds? What is going on in this little town with a population of 4,002 counting Mae and her aunt? Well, I must say Mae, her aunt, and all her new friends had me racing to the end to find out.

Would I want to read another book from this world, The High Council Witches Chronicles? You bet I would. I would like to delve further into this world and learn more about the characters and their world. I would like to know more about the bonds and the magic.

Grab your copy of Paranormal Bonds today and step into a world of mystery and magic!

Author Bio:

Julie Catherine is an author, screenwriter and playwright.

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