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Review: Seduced by Sunset (The Mating Games, Prequel) (Fae Underworld Series) by Tricia Barr @The_Amarant

Seduced by Sunset

The Mating Games, Prequel

Fae Underworld Series

by Tricia Barr

Published: January 18, 2022

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire


Brooke’s life could be measured in blood. The blood of her patients in the ER. The blood of her comatose mother, whom she’s desperately trying to awaken. And the blood in the bags she frequently delivers from storage to those who need it. When she’s attacked by supernatural raiders in the storage room one night, and rescued by a sexy stranger equally as inhuman, she realizes how precious a commodity blood truly is—especially hers.

After the mysterious disappearance of the raiders and her rescuer, Brooke begins to doubt her sanity. But when the same handsome rogue saves her from a second attack, she demands answers. Liam says he’s a vampire, and he’s protecting her from the vampire blood cartel who discovered during the raid that she’s a Fount, a human with highly addictive blood. Together they go on the run, stoking the fire between them that sparked when he first saved her.

But vampires aren’t the only ones who want Brooke for her blood. There are other creatures with far more devious intentions. Will Brooke become a blood cow for the vampire cartel, or be forced into an ancient fae fox hunt? Or can the sprouting love between her and Liam save them both?

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My Review:

Seduced by Sunset is a phenomenal start to a brand new world. Seduced by Sunset is the beginning of The Mating Games and an introduction to the Fae Underworld. Seduced by Sunset tells how the mating games began.

Seduced by Sunset is a vampire story with a unique and interesting twist. Seduced by Sunset tells how and why Brooke became a nurse. She became a nurse to take care of people but wait that is not quiet the truth no Brooke became a nurse so she could take care of her comatose mother.

Part of Brooke’s job is fetching blood from the blood room for other nurses. One night while Brooke was down in the blood room to grab a few bags she walks in on a break in. Brooke’s first thoughts was on how they got in and second who were these guys and why would they break into a blood vault?

But before she can ask them she is attacked. Just as her world is blurring out on her she is rescued by some mysterious figure. Brooke is compelled by this mysterious figure not to remember that night or him. But for some reason it doesn’t work on Brooke as she remembers everything that happened that night.

Not being able to stay away from this mysterious figure Brooke goes looking for him. What she finds is something way more sinister than she could have ever imagined. She found out that the paranormal world indeed does exist.

She meets her rescuer Liam and demands that he tell her everything. Each answered question just leads to more unanswered questions. The more Brooke wants to know the more she doesn’t want to know.

Brooke’s new friends are not as friendly as she was hoping for. In Brooke’s new world she is one of the most wanted humans alive. Brooke finds out that she has a rare form of blood and it is very addictive to a vampire.

Now Brooke must go into hiding if she wants to stay alive. But how is she ever going to leave her mother behind and in a coma? What is going to happen to Brooke? What about this new life she wanted to know so much about? Want to know Brooke’s faith?

Well, reading Seduced by Sunset is the only way to find out. Grab your copy of Seduced by Sunset today for all the answers!  

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