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Review: Snipers (Zommunist Invasion Book 2) by Camille Picott @camillepicott


Zommunist Invasion Book 2

by Camille Picott

Published: December 31, 2020

Genre: Zombie, Horror, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic


In this brutal war, even zombies evolve. With his town relying on his tiny band of defenders, can a young man defeat a rotting tyranny?

Northern California, 1985. Leo Cecchino won’t rest until his people are safe. Leading the battle against the Soviet walking dead, he turns to his ex-girlfriend’s chess master sister to calculate their next move. But with the commie invaders deliberately infecting American innocents, they’re running out of time to stop the streets from flowing with rivers of blood.

With bullets flying and flesh-eating threats all around, Leo can’t afford to be distracted by his growing feelings for his brilliant strategist. But when their plan to cut off a crucial supply line is derailed by unstoppable mutated predators, he’ll have to step up to prevent the free world from falling to a blood-spattered gory fate.

Can Leo show the undead Reds that America is the land of the living and the home of the brave?

Snipers is the second book in the engrossing Zommunist Invasion zombie apocalypse series. If you like Eighties-style action, cunning heroes, and cutthroat military tactics, then you’ll love Camille Picott’s high-octane tale.

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My Review:

In Snipers book two of the Zommunist Invasion, we are introduced to a few more great characters. In Snipers the action and the excitement ramps up with another new twist on zombies. I didn’t think the Zommunist Invasion could get any better after the first book Red Virus but I was dead wrong as Snipers showed me that it could.

Snipers give you all the reasons you need to keep the pages rolling with all the new characters and there are plenty of zombies to keep you hooked from the first page to the last. The characters are written in such a way that makes them seem like real people.

When I was reading Red Virus and Snipers I kept thinking about that movie with Chuck Norris, Invasion USA, and the TV show Z Nation. But in some ways, Snipers also reminded me of a Netflix Original, Stranger Things. I could see the kids from Stranger Things fighting Russians and zombies in my head. Snipers were just as good if not better than Red Virus.

Snipers is one of those books that will have you hooked with just a few words. So my advice is not to pick it up unless you have a few hours of free time as you are not going to want to put it down once you open it. Because once you step inside this Russian, zombie invasion you will be so enthralled that the world around you will cease to exist.

I highly recommend Snipers to all those zombie fans out there. But I do suggest that you read Red Virus before reading Snipers. I also recommend that you check out the rest of Camille Picott’s books, especially her Undead Ultra series with more zombie action. The time has come once again to one-click your copy of Snipers today to continue this epic zombie invasion today!

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