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Review: Endangered by Dani Hoots @danihootsauthor


Daughter of Hades #1

by Dani Hoots

Published: May 13, 2016

Publisher: FoxTales Press

Genre: Teen, Young Adult, Fantasy, Mythology, Urban Fantasy, Gods, Greek Mythology, Magic


Fall deep into the Underworld with this Amazon Best Selling YA Fantasy Series!

What would you do with the dichotomous power over life and death? For Chrys, apparently, it was to stay cooped up in the Underworld all her life. She wishes she could leave and see what the human world is all about, but her Father, Hades, would never allow it, as she was never supposed to be born. If Zeus found out, she would be sent straight to Tartarus. So she has stayed in Hades’ palace all her life, her only friends being a punk whom she convinced her father was a genius tutor, and a demigod who she may or may not have almost kissed (father would be so mad if he found out).

After a huge fight with her Mother, Persephone, Chrys decides she can’t take it anymore and has to travel to the human world, since her mother loves it so much more than her own husband. With her two best friends, Chrys travels through Oceanus and finds herself in London, England. Ready to experience what it was like to be human, Chrys decides they can stay for a couple of days before having to return.

Nothing could go wrong in that short of time, right?


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My Review:


I really enjoy reading books about Greek Mythology and I really love reading stories about Hades and Persephone. So when I read the summary for Endangered I knew I had to read it. I wanted to meet their daughter Chrys. 

Chrys has lived in the Underworld with her father for many, many years. Chrys only gets to see her mother Persephone for like three months out of the year as the rest of the time her mother is on Earth.

Hades is trying to teach Chrys how to run the Underworld in case something happened to him. But of course, Chrys being your typical teenager gets bored real quick with his lessons. All she wants to do is to spend time with her friends Huntley and A.J.

Chrys is forbidden to leave the Underworld as it would be very dangerous for her if she did. Chrys has some very powerful magic and if one of the Gods ever found out that she existed then it could prove to be perilous for her. Like any teenager Chrys just wants more freedom to do what she wants. Chrys would very much like to visit Earth but is afraid of her father.

But after the fight, she has with her mom and then overhearing her mom and dad fight Chrys decides to disobey her father and go to Earth. A.J. has convinced her that it would be safe for a couple of days but Huntley is very afraid for Chrys but would never let anything happen to her if it is in his power to stop it of course.

I think Chrys wants to visit Earth mainly because her mother spends most of her time there. Chrys just wants to see for herself the place that her mother would rather be than with her own daughter.

Endangered was a very captivating and spellbinding story that had me from the first page to the last. The characters were all well developed and sounded like real teenagers do. The world-building was incredibly and superbly written. I can’t wait to see where Chrys and the rest of the crew take us in Engaged book two of the Daughter of Hades series.

I definitely recommend Endangered to all fans of Mythology, Greek Mythology, fantasy, and magic. Now it is time to one-click your copy of Endangered today for another great adventure to the Underworld!


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