Thursday, June 17, 2021

Review: The Silent Cells by Gayle Katz @booksbygayle

The Silent Cells

by Gayle Katz

Published: June 17, 2021

Genre: Psychological Horror, Zombie


Resources are running low.

People are desperate.

Crime is on the rise.

But Dolores is innocent.

With the death penalty outlawed for even the most savage criminals, the already overcrowded and underfunded prisons are struggling to keep up. The country is rife with violent and petty crimes, and one woman, Dolores Marchione, stands wrongly convicted.

All alone in the cruel world and helpless to save herself, she doesn’t know how she’ll survive.

Now, stuck in a strange, frightening new place, Dolores must find a way to get through the days until she can prove her innocence. Along with other wrongly convicted or reformed inmates, she crafts a plan to escape…

Can she find her way out of lockup and the corrupt system that put her there?

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My Review:

After the death of her parents, Dolores Marchione soon finds herself behind bars for a crime that she did not commit. Dolores is awakened during the middle of the night from a loud banging upon her door. Dolores is arrested and taken to an overcrowded jail. Dolores has no idea why she is being arrested as she is innocent.

Dolores tries to tell the judge that she is innocent but he will not listen and the next thing Dolores knows is that she is thrown in a cell where her world is about to be turned upside down. Dolores is in for a rude awakening as her story is slowly revealed not only to her but to the reader as well.

The Silent Cells is a very intense and intriguing read that had me asking so many questions as Dolores’ and other character’s stories and their world’s story was revealed. The Silent Cells is full of secrets that kept me in the dark from beginning to end and kept those pages turning with so many unanswered questions.

Oh and let me tell you that ending was a shocker of a lifetime one that I never saw coming. I was so shocked my jaw hit the floor with a bang. I am still in shock. Whoa! What a story! I would very much like to read more from this world.

If you like your stories full of mystery and surprises then you are going to absolutely love The Silent Cells with all its shockingly twists and secrets. One-click your copy of this awesome book, The Silent Cells today for an epic adventure of mystery and intrigue!

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