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Review: The Criminal Lair (Prison for Supernatural Offenders #) by Megan Linski & Alicia Rades @GryfynPub @aliciarades

The Criminal Lair

Prison for Supernatural Offenders #2

by Megan Linski & Alicia Rades

Published: June 5, 2021

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror, New Adult, Paranormal Romance


Love can be criminal.


I was always good at being bad, which is why I’m the last person you’d expect to save the world. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given a choice.

I’ve learned my prophecy has something to do with the Elves, an incredible magical people that went extinct a century ago. At a paranormal prison where evil runs free, there’s more to discover about the Elves than I ever expected. As my investigation continues, I receive messages from the gods, who seem certain I’m the magical world’s only hope for survival.

But I’d better watch my back. The Warden has something up his sleeve, and if I’m not careful, I just might get mixed up in the greatest supernatural discovery of all time...


After surviving the Darke Games last semester, my performance didn’t go unnoticed. I’ve been recruited for an elite opportunity— a chance to compete in the underground fight club on campus. Participating will earn me privileges I can’t pass up, so if I want to run this prison, I’ll have to become the top fighter in the league.

Ava has asked me to learn more about the Elves and help her decipher her destiny. But what she doesn’t know is there’s more to the prophecy than she realizes. With every answer we uncover, the closer I come to causing the demise of the woman I love.

I’ll do whatever it takes to protect Ava. Even if it means saving her from herself.


Return to the Darke Institute of Supernatural Offenders, where love is criminal and secrets just might kill. Angels, witches, shifters, fae, vampires, mermaids, and elementals fight for dominance and seek power in this new adult college fantasy romance series.

This series takes place in the Hidden Legends Universe, along with the Academy of Magical Creatures series, University of Sorcery series and the College of Witchcraft series. Each series stands on its own and can be read in any order. This is a full-length novel over 400 pages. Recommended reading age 18+

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My Review:

The Criminal Lair takes place in a prison for supernatural offenders. In this prison, for supernatural offenders, we have all sorts of paranormal creatures like angels, witches, shifters, fae, vampires, mermaids, and elementals all of who are working their way to being the one to lord over all the prisoners.

Ava is one of those offenders. Ava has a prophecy she is trying to solve. She must solve this prophecy if she wants to save the world. Ava has learned that this prophecy has something to do with elves and the best place for her to learn about the elves is in the prison.

Prisoners compete in fights at the prison. The fights are supposed to be kept secret but most know about it. Charlie is given the chance to fight in this underground fight club. Charlie may be blind but he has other senses than being able to see. Charlie hopes to gain favor by fighting, favors that can hopefully make his life and Ava’s life better in prison. Charlie doesn’t want Ava to know about the fights and definitely not that he is fighting in them as he is sure she would not like it.

I loved the closeness, the connection between Ava and Charlie. Ava loves Charlie very much. I understand Ava’s love for Charlie. Some of the things she says about Charlie being in pain I understand what she is feeling as I have said the same things myself. When she said the things she said my heart swelled with warmth.

The Criminal Lair is a very interesting and engrossing book that drew me in with all of its twists and turns. The twists just kept on spiraling out of control as each page was turned. The turns were popping right off the page, page after page, turns that had me racing to the end to see how it all turned out. Turns that gave me a jolt of surprise as I did not expect them. Oh man, there was this one twists that really floored me it knocked me right out of my seat. Well, maybe there were a few twists like that.

I loved all the magical battle scenes. I could just see each and every one of these scenes in my head as if I was right there. I could see the magic flying in every direction as the fighting raged on. I can’t wait for more from this magical world.

And as always I highly recommend The Criminal Lair to all paranormal fantasy fans. One-click your copy of this awesome book The Criminal Lair today for an epic magical journey in a world that has a prison for supernatural offenders!


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