Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Review: The Sea of Her by Lynn Robin @LynnRobinAuthor


The Sea of Her by Lynn Robin

The Sea of Her #1

by Lynn Robin

Published: June 22, 2021

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Leilani has a gift:

the tears she cries all turn into pearls.

Three years ago, her well-kept secret got exposed — and upon finding out, the sinister Twins who rule the island have claimed her as their bride-to-be.

The Twins stole the Crown from the King of the Ocean many years ago, obtaining powers no man should possess, holding everyone prisoner and controlling dark sea creatures that haunt the streets at night.

Desperate for divine intervention, Leilani throws a message in a bottle into the sea, pleading for the King of the Ocean to awaken from his slumber and save her.

The next day, she finds an unconscious young man on the beach.

Keanu is a mystery, quiet and seemingly cold-hearted, stormy-eyed and bearing scars, harboring deep secrets of his own.

Could he be the King?

Or could he at least be Leilani’s savior?

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My Review:

All Leilani has ever wanted out of life is to find her one true love. Someone to love her and keep her safe. But Leilani has secrets that could keep anyone from ever truly loving her. One of her secrets was exposed a while back and now the evil Twins from the ocean want to claim her as their bride but Leilani wants nothing to do with them for they are truly evil.

Leilani lives on this island that she or no one can escape from. Leilani sends out a message in a bottle from time to time asking the King of the Ocean to come help her and the others on the island. Leilani waits year after year for the King of the Ocean or someone to appear to help her but it never happens.

One day Leilani finds a man, Keanu that has washed up on shore. She saves the man but once the twins hear about him they want to destroy him but Leilani pleads to the evil Twins for the man’s life.

When Keanu first showed up on the scene I had so many questions about this strange dude. This man, Keanu is a very mysterious dude with secrets of his own. Like who was he exactly? Where did he come from? Is he Leilani’s savior? What is his intentions? Are they good or bad? Is he to be trusted? What is Keanu hiding? Or is he hiding anything at all?

The Sea of Her is a very mysterious read with so many unanswered questions which kept me glued to the pages watching and waiting for them to be revealed. It kept me hanging on from one page after to another as I raced to the end not being able to flip the pages fast enough to see each of its secrets unveiled.

I am anxiously awaiting for book two in The Sea of Her series.

I would recommend The Sea of Her to all paranormal romance fans. One-click your copy of The Sea of Her today!


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