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Generation of Vipers
Maria Ann Green
Publication date: June 18th 2021
Genres: Adult, Gothic, Psychological, Thriller

Rosabella Moore-Davis has just moved her husband halfway across the world, with a spur of the moment purchase–a glorious gothic mansion–while on vacation in France. It was love at first sight, and somehow she knew it was more than just some huge house; it was meant to be her home.

But not all things that are meant to be end happily ever after.

Rosabella soon finds herself waking in the middle of the night from more than just wind and creaking pipes. In the dark she discovers ghostly figures looking up into her windows from outside, rooms and treasures previously hidden for centuries, creeping crawling guests, and too many dark shadows lunging toward her. And still, somehow, instead of screaming and running away she researches, choosing knowledge over fear, and learns more about the house and the history of this place she loves so much.

Only when she stumbles into the past, meeting an aristocrat hiding enough deadly secrets to take down the patriarchy, does Rosabella start to regret her choices. And after having come this far, she worries it’s too late to turn back and save herself from a house that has more skeletons in its vast amount of closet space than anyone expected.

Rosabella isn’t the fleeing type, but she’s not sure she’ll survive the fight. Especially against a place with so many stories buried beneath it, burned into every fiber of the edifice, a house with a portal to dark places and troubles that shouldn’t be stirred up.

Generation of Vipers is a mix of crimson peak and Mike Flanagan’s Haunting of Hill House, with elements of Marisha Pessl’s Night Film mixed throughout.

If you like dark thrillers that border on horror, gothic elements, and deliciously dark twists that will keep you guessing, then Generation of Vipers might be your next favorite book. It’ll keep you reading just one more page all night long, too afraid to turn out the light and go to sleep.

It appeals to lovers of suspenseful plots, all things dark like thrillers and horrors, stories with murder and mayhem, dark romance elements, fans of American Horror Story, Shirley Jackson, Gilian Flynn, Ruth Ware, Tana French, J.A. Konrath, and the Timothy Blake Series by Jack Heath.

*Content Warning: graphic violence, sexual content, and language*

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Interview with Maria Ann Green

What made you want to become a writer?

I’ve been writing since I can remember, as early as elementary school. Writing has taken a back seat sometimes over the years – when life has gotten in the way, but it has always been and will always be something that I come back to. I love writing because I get to tell the stories that I want to read, that I don’t see out there. I get to write the really raw and real characters that not everyone likes – but that I like the very best. I get to be creative with writing, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the beauty that writing brings into my world.

What inspired you to write Generation of Vipers?

This may sound silly, but I actually had the idea hit me while I was driving in the car one afternoon. I wanted to mix a few of my favorite horror movies, shows, and books – Crimson Peak, The Haunting of Hill House, Paranormal Activity, and Night Film. I wanted a female lead horror that played with the boundaries of what is or isn’t real. And of course, I wanted to include dysfunctional characters, because that’s my specialty!

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Generation of Vipers?

The characters are all living lives with rose colored glasses on, to begin the book. They all have some kind of veil over their eyes, and aren’t seeing the full truths. As the story unfolds more of what is real starts to become apparent and many of the characters start to unravel. Basically, they all seem normal to start until more and more dysfunction creeps into them.

You know I think we all have a favorite author. Who is your favorite author and why?

I hate to cheat on this answer, because there’s no way I’m only going to give one. My all-time favorite authors are female thriller and horror writers. In no particular order because they all tie for first place my favorites are: Gillian Flynn, Tana French and Ruth Ware. I love reading such well written tales from these brilliant women and I find myself enthralled by the complexity, beauty, and horror written into the characters and plot lines of their works. I am always blown away when reading books by these women. They are all automatic buys for me. And if I was willing to cheat even further I’d add a bunch of indie authors to my list – but I’ll keep it to the three for now!

Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?

I actually have a very different type of book coming out next. While I had been planning to get back into my thriller and horror roots for a while with a new dark series, everything in my real life took a dramatic shift for me when I recently had an absolutely devastating second trimester miscarriage and it has brought a new purpose to much of what I want to do in the near future. For my very next book, which I am currently working on as we speak, I will be releasing a collection of poetry and illustrations that share my experience with miscarriage. I hope to help the other one in four women that suffer these kinds of horrible losses with both my book and my future endeavors. It is titled Miscarriage Isn’t A Dirty Word, and I think it may be one of my proudest works – but also the hardest to write. But don’t worry, I will also continue writing fiction as well. I could never give it up. I am simultaneously working on a collection of creepy short stories, which should be the next to come out, after Dirty Word. Other than my collection of dark short stories I have a romance novella that will be included in an anthology next year, and 100-word horror that will be in another anthology, and many more thriller and horror and romance books to come eventually.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

This book allowed me to dig deep into many of my creepy story ideas. I got to throw quite a few concepts together and see how it all turned out. It’s one of my favorite books I’ve written – and for those who like dark and twisted stories, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I think what I enjoyed the very most while writing it was creeping myself out several times, even as the author.


Author Bio:

Maria, a badass USA Today and internationally bestselling indie author, lives in Minnesota despite the frozen winters. Actually, she prefers snow drifts and icicles over summer and all that sweat running everywhere. She writes about bitches, breakups, and bloodbaths – not in any particular order. She lives with her husband and little family, which includes a few lazy cats who make great lap warmers. You can usually find her whishing that she lived in a secret cabin in the woods where she could be a hermit reading and writing all of the time. Instead she lives the suburban life where she pretends to her neighbors and the other moms around that she doesn’t swear like a sailor, have hidden tattoos, and loves a good bottle of wine. She absolutely believes in unicorns and ghosts and hopes vampires and monsters are real too. She’s a coffee-in-the-morning and alcohol-in-the-evening kind of person, preferably with a nap in between. Maria prefers cats over dogs, books over people, and late nights over early mornings. She probably shouldn’t talk to anyone until she’s had her first cup of coffee, extra sugar. And if you ever want to hang out with her, you’ll have to be game for a horror movie or just a quick run to target for two (hundred) little things. Also, you couldn’t pay her to be in her twenties again; Thirties is where it’s at. She’s a creative, mouthy, introverted, proud bisexual, highly-sensitive INFJ, chronic pain spoonie warrior, Slytherpuff, dork with a sweet-tooth.

Maria devours books, reading mostly in bed or listening to audiobooks in the car. Writing has been one of her passions for pretty much her whole life. So creativity is a necessity for her, always. After working in the mental health field for almost a decade, she’s now living her dream as a stay-at-home writer, kiddo wrangler, professional snuggler, and constantly-tired-person. When it comes to her writing, she specializes in dark and twisted thrillers or gritty, angsty contemporary romances. But no matter the genre, she always prefers writing deeply flawed characters with dysfunctional relationships. She’s pretty sure the whole “unlikable character” thing is a conspiracy because every character she loves have been labeled this way. Ridiculous. And because of this, she’s pretty much found it impossible to write anything without at least a little mayhem.

Maria was once told she painted with her words, and that phrase stuck with her – because writing really is an art, and good stories are true masterpieces. She’s always trying to grow and improve in her craft, shooting for a masterpiece of her own someday. And she plans to write forever because writing gives Maria the ability to disappear into new worlds and create people within twisting plots, all from the comfort of her couch. She will always believe that though not every story is for her, and her stories aren’t for everyone, every story has a reader.

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