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Review: The Pilot's Daughter by Audrey J. Cole @audreyjcole

The Pilot’s Daughter

by Audrey J. Cole

Published: June 22, 2021

Publisher: Rainier Publishing

Genre: Thriller, Mystery


Welcome aboard Pacific Air Flight 385, with nonstop service from Seattle to Honolulu.

Cora is scared to fly again after her husband died in a recent helicopter crash in Pago Pago.

A thousand times she has told herself to turn around, not get on the flight, go back to her young children.

But now, she’s seated in first class across the aisle from the girlfriend of a famous billionaire pharmaceutical entrepreneur.

Halfway across the Pacific, the flight is hijacked. Six people are dead—including the pilots.

Cora is a young widow, mother, and emergency room nurse...but as the world closes in around her, she’s also a pilot’s daughter.

Lost off radar in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, the motive behind the hijacking remains a mystery. Not knowing who to trust, Cora works with the man seated beside her, Seattle Homicide Detective Kyle Adams, to save herself along with the remaining one hundred and forty-two souls on board.

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My Review:

The Pilot's Daughter is told from multiple points of view and is told aboard Pacific Air Flight 385 nonstop from Seattle to Honolulu.

Once the passengers board the plane it is hijacked and this is where the action begins and it never lets up until the last page is read.

Among the passengers on board flight 385 are Kyle, Cora, Mila, and Alana. There are one hundred and forty-somethings souls on board Flight 385 altogether.

We get to see The Pilot's Daughter through the eyes of some of the characters.

Detective Kyle Adams is on his way to Honolulu to find and arrest a criminal.

Cora is a nurse and a mother of two. Cora almost didn’t board the plane as she was afraid of flying after her husband died in a helicopter crash.

Asha, a mother of two little girls receives a call from a man who has taken her family in Somalia hostage with a video of her father, mother, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousins. Asha is given instructions on picking up a package and where to take it. If she does not comply with their orders then they will kill her family and prove that they do just that they shoot her uncle on the video.

Eddie Clark also receives a call with a picture of his girl on board Flight 385 with instructions that he must follow or his girlfriend Alana will be killed.

When the hijackers try to take over the plane Kyle reacts quickly stopping the hijacks in their tracks. Lives are lost after the bullets start flying. Among the dead are the pilot and co-pilot leaving the plane with no one to land it or fly it. Hopefully, there is a pilot or at least someone that knows how to fly a plane among the passengers or they are all could potentially be doomed.

Kyle and Cora work together to try and figure out why someone wanted to hijack the plane and why. With a lot of answered questions and to be on the safe side they assume that there may be other hijackers on board and now everyone is a suspect. Kyle and Cora must work fast and quickly and stay on alert just in case there is another hijacker.

The Pilot's Daughter was so intense and I felt for each and every character as their story played out. I felt so bad for Asha as I was reading her part in the hijacking as her story brought tears to my eyes. I cried because I could tell she didn’t want to do what she was instructed to do but felt she had no choice.

I think The Pilot's Daughter is one of the best books I have read this year by far. I am still trying to process everything that happened aboard Flight 385. Audrey J. Cole is one amazing storyteller. Her stories make you feel as if you are a part of the story itself. She knows how to make the words on the page talk to you. She makes the story come alive right before your eyes. And you feel what the characters are feeling. You want to jump right in and help them.

I would love to see The Pilot's Daughter made into a movie as I think it would be a box-office hit.

I would like to recommend that you grab your copy of The Pilot's Daughter to begin reading this number one hit today!

About the Author: 

Audrey J. Cole is a registered nurse and a USA Today bestselling author of thrillers set in Seattle. Audrey resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children.

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Thanks so much for this fabulous review! I'm so glad you enjoyed The Pilot's Daughter :)