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Review: Darkwalker (Sunwalker Trilogy #3) by S. T. Sanchez @authorstsanchez


Sunwalker Trilogy #3

by S. T. Sanchez

Published: February 14, 2020

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction


Praise for Sunwalker

“Entertaining and fun...” Carole P. Roman, Award Winning Author of the Captain No Beard Series

”...a vampire saga that will engross anyone...”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Reeling from another devastating blow by Koyt, Lilly’s world is shattered once again. Desperate to find her mother before Koyt can change her into a darkwalker, Lilly must decide how far she is willing to go to get her mother back. If she succumbs too deep, will the darkness overtake her?

Lilly has failed to deliver Koyt to her emissary Ryan, as she and Tread have catastrophically underestimated the ancient vampire. The government’s threat to bomb Spero looms overhead. Lex, her bff, has been diagnosed with leukemia with no hope for treatment. And Koyt has something even bigger waiting on the horizon, something that may destroy them all. In this explosive final installment, Lilly will be pushed to the max and friendships will be tested as Lilly desperately fights to hang on to everyone she loves.

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My Review:

I am so sad to see that Darkwalker is the last book in the Sunwalker Trilogy. I fell in love with this series with the first book. I have loved following Tread and Lilly as they have fought so hard to join together humans and vampires by getting them to live together as they built their little community where humans and vampires live together. They are some out there humans and vampires alike that want to tear it all down.

I have loved reading all three books and must say that Lilly’s and Tread’s stories get better and better with each book. The twists and turns alone were enough to keep the pages turning. The twists just kept falling off the pages. Each book is unique in its own way. I do believe that each book should be read in order for a better understanding of their stories.

Like its predecessors, Darkwalker kept me on the edge of my seat as it pulled me deeper and deeper into its world full of vampires. I am still loving that new twist on vampires and their world. I love the changes that Lilly has made with the community and everyone living there.

I would definitely love to see more stories from this world. A world where vampires and humans live openly with each other and get along well, with maybe the exception of a few as they are always someone trying to rip things apart.

Koyt is still out there and doing his best to make Lilly’s life a living h311. Koyt has taken Lilly’s mother hostage and is planning on turning her into a darkwalker. Lilly only has a matter of days to find her mother and get her back before he turns her. Lilly is racing against the clock trying to come up with a plan to save her mother.

I highly recommend Darkwalker to all vampire and dystopian fans! One-click your copy of Darkwalker today!

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