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Review: Nightwalker (Sunwalker Trilogy #2) by S. T. Sanchez @authorstsanchez


Sunwalker Trilogy #2

by S. T. Sanchez

Published: May 23, 2018

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction


Fans of Blood of Eden and The Originals will Love Nightwalker.

Praise for Sunwalker, Book 1.

"Entertaining and fun..." Carole P. Roman, Award Winning Author of the Captain No Beard Series

"...a vampire saga that will engross anyone..."

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

It’s now three months since Lilly saved Tread and killed the psycho vampire Lord Steel, the leader of a sinister vampire community that enslaved humans and forced them to give blood.

Now Tread is slowly recovering from the terrible wound he received, but there are other problems to contend with. The city is slowly emptying of humans who don’t want to live alongside the vampires and donate blood to keep them sustained.

When Tread’s old friend Koyt turns up one day, along with two vampire friends, Lilly’s father recognizes him as one of his torturers and is enraged that he has been allowed to enter the city. But Koyt says he is a different vampire now and wants a second chance.

When challenges like a widespread epidemic and a mysterious blood thief threaten to destroy the city that Lilly and so many others have worked to build, Koyt may be the community’s only chance at survival.

But can Lilly trust him to do the right thing? Can Koyt live up to his word, proving that he isn’t the monster he once was? And will Lilly and Tread’s relationship survive it if he doesn’t?

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My Review:

I fell in love with the Sunwalker Trilogy with the first book Sunwalker. I love this new world that S. T. Sanchez has created for the Sunwalker Trilogy. I love the new and unique twists on vampires. The world-building is out of this world amazing and so different than any I have read before. I love each and every character as they are unique each in their own way and bring so much to the story.

As I said I fell in love with the Sunwalker Trilogy with the first book Sunwalker and I will have to say that I do believe that I actually like Nightwalker way better than its predecessor Sunwalker. If the second book is this good what about the third book? Will the third book be even better? Well, I can’t wait to find out. I am anxiously setting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out. I need more of this world now, please!

Lilly and Tread’s world just keeps evolving more and more as she continues to learn more and more about the vampire world with so many questions. Lilly and Tread have been working on redoing an old apartment building trying to build a community where humans and vampires can live together peacefully or that is their hope for the future.

While Tread is out on a mission to find and convince more humans to come and live in their community an old friend of his shows up wanting to gain entrance to their little community. Lilly is not certain what she should do. Should she let him in or not?

She is having her doubts as she is not certain that Tread would want him to stay. But this friend comes bearing gifts, gifts that Lilly can’t afford to turn down at the moment. She decides to let him stay until Tread gets back but with specific stipulations.

There is some kind of virus sweeping through their newly, growing community leaving the humans very sick and without the right medicine to treat it with. Lilly works hard trying to find out what is making the humans so sick and to obtain the medicine needed to treat them.

Sick humans are not the only thing Lilly has to worry about. Someone is stealing blood. Of course, this would never be a good thing ever but certainly not at the moment when humans are changing their minds about staying and are leaving daily. Who is stealing the blood? What is their motive for stealing it? Is the thief a human or a vampire? Can Lilly save the humans? Will she find the thief? Want the answers? Then read Nightwalker as it has all the answers and more.

As with Sunwalker I also highly recommend Nightwalker to all vampire and dystopian fans out there! Grab your copy of Nightwalker today!

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