Monday, October 30, 2023

Review: Spirit and Fire (Cymraeg Tales #1) by TC Marti

Spirit and Fire

Cymraeg Tales #1

by TC Marti

Published: October 30, 2023

Publisher: ‎ Phoenix Rising

Genre: Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Elemental Magic


A troubled outcast on the run from her home nation's wrath…

An estranged prince escaping a dreary home life in a distant land

Mali LaSalle always wanted to exert revenge on a monarchy that rendered her family outcasts centuries ago. But the girl never dreamed she would cross paths and befriend a crown prince from an allied nation seeking to run away from a prearranged betrothal.

Now on the run, they learn that the monarchy framed Mali for kidnapping Prince Caer and employed more sinister entities than the duo could ever have imagined to arrest her. If caught, Mali will face a death sentence. If she and Caer can outrun the monarchy's henchmen, then she will at least live to fight another day.

Spirit and Fire is rich in sword and sorcery, and elemental magic. If you like stories about forbidden love, chosen ones, ultra-complex plots, and thrilling fight scenes, this epic young adult dark fantasy is for you.

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My Review:

Prince Caer Cymraeg is running away from his life as he doesn’t like all the rules of his people. He is set to wed soon and does not wish to wed his betrothed. Caer is not ready to marry yet but wants the right to choose his own bride.

Caer meets Mali on his journey. Mali is trying to get back to her home to rescue her father. Caer tells Mali that he can get her home and he can help her rescue her father. After returning home Mali soon realizes that she can’t stay as she is no longer welcomed.

Caer tells Mali that he can keep her safe in his homeland Cymraeg. As they are making their way to Cymraeg they run into some very dangerous people who begin chasing Caer and Mali.

It is one battle after another as they are being chased by a band of element-wielding bounty hunters. They are up against some very powerful Elemental Masters. But never fear Mali is powerful herself. I loved Mali's powers and what she was capable of doing. I would love to see this on the big screen or better yet made into a TV show.

Spirit and Fire grabbed my attention from the first page and held on to the last. I could see each and every battle scene playing out in my head as if I were there witnessing the whole thing.

Spirit and Fire was a very intense and enthralling read that I don’t want to let go of even now as I sit here writing my review. I can see Caer and Mali as they are fighting their way to Caer’s home in Cymraeg.

I highly recommend Spirit and Fire to anyone who loves a good battle scene filled with magic. Grab a copy of Spirit and Fire and join the adventure!

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