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Realm of Midnight: A Limited Edition Fantasy and Paranormal Collection
Publication date: October 17th 2023
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

At the stroke of midnight, creatures of the realm come out to prowl.

Beyond the witching hour, darkness and light collide in this limited edition paranormal and fantasy romance collection. These sweet to spicy stories will sweep you off your feet and sate your fantasy cravings. Gods, shifters, fated mates, enemies-to-lovers, alpha heroes, angels, demons, and so much more.

Gargoyles watch silently over the realm where alpha shifters hunt, mighty dragons soar, dark fae wreak havoc, and powerful witches own the night. Enjoy numerous full-length novels, filled with paranormal creatures and fantasy romance. Heart-stopping heroes and alluring anti-heroes rule the land of midnight.

You won’t find these exclusive novels anywhere else, so don’t miss your chance. These USA Today and international bestselling authors as well as up and coming authors bring you more than 10,000 pages at less than a dime per book. This collection is a steal, but it will only be available for a limited time. Don’t miss your chance to enter the Realm of Midnight.

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Fairies of Death Playlist

When writing my second book spotify was my go to mood setter. With my third, I didn’t even have to think twice before making the playlist. For Fairies of Death, some songs came from my already existing alternative rock selection, but quite a few were recommended to me by my absolutely incredible beta reader. His taste in music is amazing and the level in which he connected to the characters was clear in the songs he sent me. Fairies of Death playlist would look completely different without his input.

Book blurb:

Isay is the only light fae in the court of death fae besides her mother who married their king. As the whole court drools for her life force it is not the safest place to be. Everyone is her enemy as far as she knows. Even as her attraction to one of her guards grows she will not fall for it. He is ruthless and cruel. That man killed another fae in front of her!

Karmuth is one of the death fae guards assigned to protect Isay. Only he really wants to touch her, knowing real well one touch would lead to Isay’s immediate death. Battling with emotions, logic and something else, a hunger deep within that has nothing to do with craving Isay’s life force and everything to do with his blinding desire for her, Karmuth finally learns why he is different from the rest of his court.

  • Enemies to lovers

  • Fated mates

  • Forced proximity

  • Age gap

  • Touch her and you’ll die

  • If he touches her, she’ll die

The playlist:

I have picked a theme song for the whole book. Firstly, because this song is absolutely amazing. And secondly, because it describes the tone and setting of the story incredibly well by not really giving anything away.

Wolf or a Lamb - League of Distortion

Are you a wolf are you a lamb

Do you surrender or withstand

Are you the hunter or the prey

Are you a wolf or a lamb?

Are you a wolf are you a lamb

Do you take orders or command

Are you an enemy or friend

Are you a wolf or a lamb?

Are you a hunter or the prey truly got to me when I heard this song and I couldn’t stop thinking about those lyrics, which is why I used them in the book!

“You act like you are all mighty and hold the power here,” I ripped at the holds on me, but couldn’t get free. I wanted less to escape and more to just rip his face out. “You think you are the one holding the power here,” I laughed maniacally and saw him take a step back from my crazed self. I suppose insanity wasn’t one of the emotions he enjoyed feeding on. “You are under my influence, repressed by your urges. You are not in control. Not by a long shot.”

Neither was I. A wave of something nasty was bubbling up from where I’d tried to tuck the residing darkness. “I think it is time for you to ask yourself, are you the hunter or the prey?”

Next up is What Have you Done - Within Temptation

What have you done now?

Why, why does fate make us suffer?

There's a curse between us, between me and you.

Let’s just say Karmuth does not make the best decisions, not that he gets a free choice in some of the things that happen. What has he done? Ohhh… a whole lot of not good, that’s what. Is Isay happy about it? Hell no. She’d scream that question in his face if she got the chance to.

Last night all I could dream about was ashes and death. The euphoric cries of all of the fae at the courtyard. The whole bloody ordeal. I closed my eyes to Elisia’s terrified face and didn’t open them until your lovely Prince barged into my room to play witness to this wonderful show of gallantry.”

Where You Go I Go by Fight The Fade

I was lost in the dark and you turned it into day

I gave you my heart and I'll never be the same

In the good and the bad and the in-between

Through it all, by your side is whеre I wanna be.

The moment when Karmuth realises that Isay has changed him is precious to me and this song is dedicated to him, like lot of the others in this playlist. Those lyrics are just spot on and the vocals give me shivers.

Just Pretend by Bad Omens

I can wait for you at the bottom

I can stay away if you want me to

I could wait for years if I gotta

Heaven knows I ain't getting over you

Weigh down on me

Stay till morning

Way down, would you say I'm worthy?

This is one of my favourite songs off this playlist. I was channelling the emotion in the singer’s voice to portray Karmuth and I’d like to think I succeeded. Being worthy is something he feels strongly about. Being a bringer of death does not help his cause with Isay who in his eyes is a pure light. A salvation. He can’t even comprehend being worthy of her love.

However, I would not take my distressed self to her doorstep, because I couldn’t do that to her. I wanted to see her, but I would go to her once my mental state was in a more stable place. She deserved better. I would go live it out on a dummy in a training field, let her have the time to come to terms with what happened today, get myself together and everything would be sorted out in the morning. I hoped.

Stop Drop and Roll - Don Vedda

You've got me burning like fire

My heart’s red hot with desire

So let's stop drop and roll all night

Girl, cause the flames are getting out of control

I love Don Vedda. His lyrics, his voice… everything is pulling me in and besides this song the playlist has a few more of his in it. This one is for the scorching heat neither Isay nor Karmuth will be able to avoid!

I’m burning. I’m on fire.”

You are the fire, beautiful.”

Down with My Demons by Lo Spirit

How can I live if I don't ever look up?

No comfort in wonder, stuck in a slumber

Something inside says I don't wanna wake up

Now I'm falling down to my knees and I think I'm going down, down with my demons

And I don't wanna wake up

You’ve just got to read the part where Karmuth totally shatters. Yupp. That’s all I’m going to say about this one.

Those are a select few I wanted to personally point out, you can find the whole playlist here:

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