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Blog Tour + #Giveaway: The Shadow Weave by Annette Marie @AnnetteMMarie @XpressoTours

The Shadow Weave
Annette Marie
(Spell Weaver #2)
Publication date: January 12th 2018
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

Clio might be a nymph living in exile among humans. And she might possess the rare ability to mimic any magic she sees. And she might have just seriously ticked off the most powerful family of spell weavers in the Underworld.

But she is not in love with an incubus.

Lyre is the rebellious black sheep of said weaver family, and he’s the only reason she survived her recent Underworld “vacation.” He’s also the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. Together, they have to track down a catastrophically dangerous magic—a magic he created, she sort of stole, and they both lost—before his family gets their hands on it. And that means fighting alongside him in a desperate attempt to avert complete disaster.

But she is definitely not in love with him. At least, she’s pretty sure she’s not.

Mostly sure. Maybe sure? …Crap.

Guest Post:

"Out of the protagonists you’ve written about so far, which
one do you feel you relate to the most?"

I have three series with three very different leading ladies, and I relate to each one in different ways.

Piper, heroine of the Steel & Stone series, can be summed up in one word: kickass. She speaks her mind, takes no crap from anyone, and fights for what she wants and what she believes in. But at the same time, Piper struggles with chronic underdog status. She fails to gauge her strength relative to the challenges she faces--sometimes overestimating, sometimes underestimating--and too often, she overcompensates with aggressive action whenever she feels weak or unaccomplished.

Piper has a lot of qualities I wish I had more of. I can struggle to be assertive in some situations (like telling that person in the movie theater to put their phone away!) and I love how she never holds back--everything she does, she does 100%.

In the Red Winter trilogy, Emi is a very different heroine. Entirely unaware of her inner strength, Emi carries a huge responsibility on her shoulders, and she gives up everything important to her to fulfil that destiny. Unable to betray everyone who’s counting on her, she instead betrays herself. In her journey, she learns how to recognize and respect her own worth as an individual, and how to choose her own path instead of allowing others to choose it for her--regardless of how noble or necessary that path might be.

I think we all struggle on some level with balancing our own needs versus the needs that others place on us. Caring for others versus caring for oneself--it’s a challenge that I can definitely relate to, though Emi’s experience was definitely extreme!

In the Spell Weaver trilogy, Clio is a heroine who starts out with a simple goal: to be accepted by her family. Like Emi, she struggles to see her own value and puts her family above all else in her life--including her own safety. Her earnest desire to be accepted blinds her to the manipulations of the people she loves. But under the surface, Clio’s compassion for others gives her a backbone of steel. The tougher her enemies become, the stronger Clio grows. She meets every challenge with unfailing determination.

I really admire Clio’s determination--or stubbornness, depending on how you look at it--but what I relate to most is her compassion, which is a trait we share.

Author Bio:

Annette Marie is the author of the Amazon best-selling Steel & Stone series, which includes Goodreads Choice Award nominee Yield the Night, and fantasy trilogy Red Winter. Her first love is fantasy, but fast-paced adventures and tantalizing forbidden romances are her guilty pleasures. She lives in the frozen winter wasteland of Alberta, Canada (okay, it's not quite that bad) with her comparatively sensible husband and their furry minion of darkness—sorry, cat— Caesar. When not writing, she can be found elbow-deep in one art project or another while blissfully ignoring all adult responsibilities.



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