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Blog Tour + #Giveaway: Courting Kate by Tori Kron @tori_kron @XpressoTours

Courting Kate
Tori Kron
(Panthers Players, #1)
Published by: Acorn Publishing
Publication date: June 23rd 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports

Slapped with court ordered community service for brawling—again, Miller Cassidy, the Indianapolis Panther’s star player, is forced into laboring under stodgy non-profit supervisor, Kate Gallagher. Her saving grace—she happens to be best friends with Stella, the woman he’s been chasing for years.

Despite the masses falling for his charm, Kate doesn’t care for Miller’s notorious reputation or his flippant behavior. But wanting to impress her strict boss, she agrees to a trade that could give them both a shot at success.

Propelled into an unlikely alliance, Miller finds himself taking a defensive stance when he sees beyond Kate’s hard exterior. And Kate is equally thrown off guard when she discovers there’s more to Miller than games.

But is love worth sacrificing friendship? And can Miller let go of the feelings for Stella he’s held onto for years?

In love and basketball, it’s five fouls and you’re out, and every play counts.

Interview with Tori Kron

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

Due to my school sharing this mascot, I would have to choose the husky. I not only feel connected to the symbol, but huskies are kind, loyal, and fierce.

How many hours a day do you put into your writing?

I have a one year old son, so my writing time is limited. However, I try to fit in an hour a day of quality work time.

Do you read your book reviews? If yes, do they affect what you write in the future?

Courting Kate is my debut novel, so I only have a limited amount of reviews at this time, but I definitely read them all! I really appreciate readers taking the time to leave commentary, so I take it all to heart. I use their reviews to gauge what I’m doing well, but then I also take note of what I can improve upon in the future.

Do you leave hidden messages in your books that only a few people will find?

I wouldn’t say there are hidden messages, but there are certain pieces within Courting Kate that will stick out to those who know me. Specifically, the girls going out for tacos and margaritas. My girl gang has a ritual gathering at a local Mexican restaurant, so it’s definitely a nod to them and the wonderful times we’ve shared.

Can you tell us a little bit about the characters in Courting Kate?

There’s a wide variety of characters in Courting Kate. Miller is fun-loving and can’t take anything overly serious, whereas Kate doesn’t know how to cut loose. Stella is demanding while Deacon is understanding. And the Rookie is mentioned, but he’s meant to be somewhat faceless at this point, in opposition to Rin who is locally famous.

Can you tell us a little bit about your next books or what you have planned for the future?

I’m so excited for what is to come in my writing world! The epilogue in Courting Kate serves as a teaser for the next book in the Panther’s player series which will focus on Deacon and Reagan. After that, we’ll see a focus on some of the other key players in the series.

Do you allow yourself a certain number of hours to write or do you write as long as the words come?

I allot a certain amount of time to write each day, however not every day is equally productive. Some days I’m struck with inspiration and can pound out a thousand words in a flash. Other days, I’m only able to add five words to my total count. However, I’m always taking notes on ideas. I even added Google Docs to my phone so I’d never miss an opportunity to jot down a moment of inspiration!

Do you have a certain number of words or pages you write per day?

In theory, I have a goal of a thousand words a day. However, I rarely meet that goal. I’m too much of a perfectionist to make that much forward progess in one sitting. I constantly go back and refine what I’ve already written instead of moving on with the story. It’s my worst habit and one that I’m trying to change.

What inspires you to write?

I’m inspired to write because I love to read. I love getting lost in a good story, and I want to be able to create that same escape for my readers. In addition, I write to show my son that anything is possible with effort and hard work.

Would you rather

Read fiction or non-fiction?
Fiction. Preferably romance.

Read series or stand-alone?
Series all the way!

Read Science fiction or horror?

Read Stephen King or Dean Koontz

Read the book or watch the movie?
Book then movie (Although it makes me sad when a movie veers from the course of the book)

Read an ebook or paperback?

Be trapped alone for one month in a library with no computer or a room with a computer and Wi-Fi only?
I’d pick the computer with Wi-Fi because that would still allow me access to download books.

Do a cross-country book store tour or blog tour online?
Cross-country tour! I love to travel!

Author Bio:

Tori Kron has spent ten years educating middle school students in the art of English writing. She is a proud graduate of Purdue University, where she discovered a love for nearby Chicago and the adventures that awaited within. When Tori isn’t in front of the classroom, you can find her working with fellow authors in the Midwest Writers Guild or traveling the world with friends. In between excursions, she happily resides in Evansville, Indiana with her husband and son.



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