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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Discussion of a Decent Dream by E. Curtis @DiscussTheDream @GoddessFish

Discussion of a Decent Dream
by E. Curtis
GENRE: Dark Fantasy


In the fall of 1789, on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales, a dense, persistent fog enshrouds the village of Ingleton. Shadowed spirits hide in the mist and bedevil the townsfolk, heralding a tragedy that has befallen one of their own.

Edmond continues to search for Alexandra, his fiancée, who disappeared the same night that the mist set upon their town. Presumed dead by all others, he visits Alexandra's empty grave, desperate for any hint of what has become of her. Weary from the sleepless nights on his quest, no longer able to stay awake, Edmond falls into a dream before her headstone and there obtains clues from Alexandra as to her whereabouts.

Haunted all the while by a malevolent spirit, Edmond follows the trail that Alexandra left for him and enters the underworld, only to learn that he has been there before, and in fact, quite often. But more, he discovers how he is to blame for Alexandra's disappearance.

A dark literary novel rich in imagery, Discussion of a Decent Dream unearths the consequences of a child's decision to surrender his heart in exchange for unholy power and transcendent knowledge.

Discussion of a Decent Dream is a Finalist in Britain's Wishing Self Book Awards in the Adult category.


We ignored the portent that crept into the countryside the day she disappeared. But in the weeks that followed, with no answers as to what had befallen her, with no assurance that she still lived, we came to understand, and most saw the worst in the blanket of mist that stopped time and shut us out from the rest of the world.

I had just turned twenty-one the summer of 1789 when Alexandra went missing. And after all our fruitless searching, in need of some direction, I snuck, under the cover of night, into the yard where her parents had laid their sorrow to rest. Falling to my knees before the stone of her empty grave I spoke with reverence, not for the hallowed ground, but for the call that brought me, as though somehow she could hear me.

My Review:

A man is searching for his fiancée whom all others believe to have passed. But this man doesn’t believe that his fiancée has passed on and continues searching for her.

A man sees his past and his future. A man watches as a boy drops something down a well and then tumbles down the well.

A man has no clue who he is or where he is. He doesn’t believe he is the person the woman standing before him tells him that he is.

To save his fiancée he must face his past and come to accept it for what it is. He must face a lot of demons on the path to finding his fiancée.

Can this man find what he is looking for? Can he find the love of his life? Is she still alive as he believes? Or has she passed as everyone else believes? Is the man only dreaming? What is the truth? Will the past meet up with the future?

Discussion of a Decent Dream has enough action to keep you flipping the pages cheering for this man and hoping he finds who he is and his fiancée.

If you are into dark fantasy then give Discussion of a Decent Dream a try and join this man on his journey to finding his fiancée. Is he dreaming?

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

E. Curtis draws on personal experiences of the otherworldly for his writing. Through dreams, visions, and waking encounters, his exposure to darkness has motivated him to detail what he has come to know of the preternatural. While a few short pieces have been published on an online literary magazine, Discussion of a Decent Dream is his first novel.

The book is on sale for $0.99 during the tour.

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