Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Review: Drone Games by M. Black @AmiBlackwelder

Drone Games
by M. Black
Published: June 24, 2019
Genre: Futuristic, Science Fiction, Young Adult


A clean young adult read that tweens can enjoy too! Miss stories from the 80's? Enjoy this nostalgic tale with a futuristic setting. Fans of Stranger Things and Ready Player One will enjoy this!

Enjoy the cast of Fred O’ Sullivan, Sherry Slater, Chuck Miller and Ted Oloo as they solve the mysterious death of Mr. Moretti which leads our heroes to the consequential DRONE GMES. Set in a future setting of Manhattan, New York, four good friends graduating middle school, have fun on scavenger hunts collecting 80’s paraphernalia, but when they discover one of the items—a Pac-Man game—is more than they bargained for, they’ll have the Italian mob and Russian FSB on their tails as they ride bikes through the city in search of a way out of the mess.

"FRED IS A DELIGHT!" -Amazon Reader

Filled with laughs, adventure, mystery, and even a touch of romance, if you love a good coming of age caper, this novel is for you! FANS OF THIS AUTHOR MAY ALSO ENJOY HER OTHER WORK: Electric Gardens, Quantum State, Exotiqa, Animal Graph and Simulation. A clean fun read appropriate for adults and tweens alike.

Fans of STAND BY ME, GOONIES, ET, STRANGER THINGS will enjoy this blast from the 80’s past coming of age adventure with a science fiction twist. With video games, scavenger hunts, 80’s paraphernalia and a fun caper to solve, DRONE GAMES reminds us all of how fun it is to be a kid.

My Review:

Four young teenagers, Fred, Ted, Chuck, and Sherry all who are in middle school love playing old games like Pac-Man on Atari. They also like listening to music from the ‘80’s. They also make up their own games where they go out and look for different stuff like old games and sometimes if they can they bring whatever they find home with them.

Well one day they are out playing their game when they find an old game of Pac-Man. Well needless to say Fred is ecstatic about his find and rushes home to play.

Well this games turns out to cost them more trouble than it is worth when one of their lives are put in danger and they race all around town trying to save their friend.

Not only is one little old game causing them so much trouble but someone is going around town taking control of the drones and blowing up buildings in the nearby area.

Fred, Sherry, Ted, and Chuck have more enemies than just the people who what the Pac-Man game, nope they have enemies right at home in their backdoor so to speak. Yeah, like most other kids in school there are a couple of bullies who are hot on their trial as well which at times puts them in the position of not only trying to save their own butts from the bullies but saving the bullies from the people who are after the Pac-Man game as well.

Now the kids are not only running around trying to save their friend but the whole town. Who are behind the attacks? Is it the government? Is it aliens? Can four teenagers save the world?

Drone Games is very fast pace and enthralling read that will have you hooked from the first page. There is action and suspense on every page. Fred, Sherry, Chuck, and Ted all make you feel as if you are right there with them and that you are the one being chased.

Drone Games sounds like a great new adventure into the world of four teenagers or at least I hope it is. I would definitely love to see more of Drone Games to see what these four will get into next.

While reading Drone Games and racing around town with the kids on their bikes I kept seeing that show on Netflix Stranger Things and Stephen King’s It (1990).

If you like these two programs, Stranger Things or Stephen King’s It then you will fall in love with Drone Games. I highly recommend Drone Games to everyone.

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