Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Review: Skin Hunter by Tania Hutley

Skin Hunter
Skin Hunter #1
by Tania Hutley
Published: June 18, 2019
Publisher: Talia Hunter
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Young Adult


She didn't want to do it... But she was desperate.

Trying to escape the dangerous streets of Old Triton, the buried city, Milla takes the ultimate risk

Could a dead girl's identity be her way out? A ticket to a richer, brighter world high above the muck and gloom of her old life?

Now she's part of a high tech contest, with a prize beyond money, fame and everything she has ever known. A chance to become something... new.

But if anyone finds out who Milla really is, she's dead.

The other competitors come from privilege, their faces and bodies tweaked to perfection. Rich and handsome Cale could be the most dangerous of all. Why is he so interested in a scarred, ugly "sinker" like Milla?

To survive, she needs to be brave.

To win, she needs to evolve.

Just try and stop her.

Skin Hunter is an upper YA science fiction novel - a futuristic, dystopian thrill-ride with a spark of romance.

My Review:

Milla has worked for most of her life so that she can make things better for her family. Every penny she makes goes to her plan of having her family with her again and all of them living a better life than the one they have been dealt. Milla wants nothing more than to have her family back together again. So when that opportunity falls in her lap Milla jumps on with both feet.

Taking the identity of a dead girl could get Milla closer to having her family back if she plays her cards right. All she has to do is pretend to be this dead girl long enough to enter a contest where the winner will receive one million credits. If anyone finds out that Milla is not who she says she is then she is dead.

I like how we got to see both worlds that were created in Skin Hunter. Milla was from Old Triton where everyone live in shelters and work all the time leaving then no time for doing fun things much less the money. Not enough water for drinking much less taking a bath. I could just see Milla with dirt all over her face and clothes so old and worn they were probably hanging in threads.

But then New Triton is the total opposite of Old Triton with all of the futuristic technology. In my mind I could just see the walls and the equipment in New Triton in all its white and silver glory shinning like a new penny.

Skin Hunter will suck you in from the beginning following Milla from the old to the new rooting for her the whole way hoping she wouldn’t get caught knowing that she deserved it all with how hard she has fought to make a life for her family never once thinking about herself and that she could keep her money or credits all for herself.

Even after entering her new world in New Triton she still though about others and about helping them but you know sometimes you can try as hard as you might to help someone and it turns out that they won’t accept your help and turn on you then you have to fight for number one.

I have truly enjoyed reading Skin Hunter tremendously and can’t wait for the next book in the series Skin Rebellion. Skin Hunter is one book that I highly recommend to anyone that likes dystopian, science fiction, futuristic technology, and young adult novels with a bit of romance and an overall fantastically great story of the future.

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