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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: The Thirteenth Guardian by K.M. Lewis @kmlewisbooks @yaboundtourspr

The Thirteenth Guardian
by K.M. Lewis
Genre: YA Sci-Fi/Apocalyptic Fantasy
Release Date: June 11th 2019


Da Vinci’s secret pales. Michelangelo concealed an explosive truth in his famous Creation of Man fresco in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. Everything we have been taught about Eve is wrong—she didn’t cause the fall of man. Instead, Eve carried a far more devastating secret for millennia; one that will change the world forever.

As the modern-day world suffers the cataclysmic effects of the “Plagues of Egypt”, Avery Fitzgerald, a statuesque Astrophysics major at Stanford, discovers that she is mysteriously bound to five strangers by an extremely rare condition that foremost medical experts cannot explain. Thrust into extraordinary circumstances, they race against time to stay alive as they are pursued by an age-old adversary and the world around them collapses into annihilation.

 Under sacred oath, The Guardians—a far more archaic and enigmatic secret society than the Freemasons, Templars, and the Priory—protect Avery as she embarks on a daring quest that only legends of old have been on before. Avery must come to terms with the shocking realization that the blood of an ancient queen flows through her veins and that the fate of the world now rests on her shoulders.

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My Review:

The world is about to change in a way that is unlike anything we have seen before. The world is being destroyed by Mother Nature or is it? The Thirteenth Guardian takes us on a destruction of the earth and everyone on it. There are earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, floods, and plagues from beginning to end and from end to beginning.

We get to witness the earth’s destruction through the eyes of our characters as they are seeing it. The Thirteenth Guardian is told from each characters point of view and is very easy to follow. We get to follow each of our characters on their journey as they make their way to their destination or safe place away from all the disasters. Our six characters have to make it to their safe place as they are the chosen ones.

The Thirteenth Guardian has a lot of references to the bible and I loved making those connections from Moses and Noah to plagues and biblical references to the Vatican to Da Vinci to Michelangelo and it even reminded me of the Pangaea.

The time and the research that went into the writing of The Thirteenth Guardian alone is so amazing. The writing in itself is brilliant to bring all this information together in one story to explain how some of the things in the bible may have come about or to explain a comet that may be headed our way as we speak to reference a comet in such a way is brilliant and amazing which may just open a few eyes.

I can’t give it enough phrases. If I could give it more than five stars I would on the writing alone not to mention the time and research that I imagine went into the writing.

Would I recommend The Thirteenth Guardian? You bet I would to all fans of apocalyptic or the bible after all it is just a fantasy story right? 

About the Author

K.M. Lewis has lived in multiple countries around the world and speaks several languages. Lewis holds a graduate degree from one of the Ivy League Universities featured in his book. When he is not writing, Lewis doubles as a management consultant, with clients in just about every continent. He does much of his writing while on long flights and at far-flung airports around the globe. He currently resides on the East Coast of the U.S with his family.

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