Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Review: The Unicorn Quest (Realm of Light and Fire Book 2) by J.A. Culican & J.A. Armitage @jaculican @ArmitageAuthor

The Unicorn Quest
Realm of Light and Fire Book 2
by J.A. Culican & J.A. Armitage
Published: February 18, 2020
Publisher: Enchanted Quill Press
Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale


Unicorns and Dragons and Shifters oh my!

With everything back to normal and a new boyfriend, my life couldn’t be better. That is until my unicorn shifter friend is kidnapped by forces unknown, along with the key he was holding.

With the Dark Fae Lord beaten, the only conclusion to come to is that there is another foe out there, one far more deadly and this time they aren’t looking for just one unicorn, they want them all.

The Unicorn quest is the exhilarating second in series by the USA Today Bestselling authors who brought you the Dragon Tamer series. Realm of Light and Fire is guaranteed to have you hiding under your blankets with your flashlight, turning the pages.

Scroll up and one click now for the adventure of your life.

My Review:

Freya makes plan to go looking for more unicorns after learning that her friend Diamond may not be the only unicorn left. To find more unicorns they need a key if they are going to find other unicorns to keep Diamond from being the last of her kind.

Freya learns that Diamond gave the key to their friend Jet as he was leaving on a mission of his own. After Jet doesn’t return from his mission everyone fears that Jet has been taken. Freya with the help of her friends set out on a journey to find Jet and locate the key.

The Unicorn Quest is a fast pace read that kept me glued to the pages barely able to turn them fast enough as the suspense ramped up the old adrenaline with each turn of the pages as Freya, River, Cassie and the others set out on their quest to find the key and Jet.

The Unicorn Quest is filled with action from beginning to end as the story unfolds and reveals all its secrets. The Unicorn Quest is so vividly written that I could see it all playing out in my head like a movie.

This duo is amazing together. Each book they write just seems to get better and better. Hey, do you have authors that you don’t have to read the summary of their books they write to know that they will be good? Well this duo is like that for me. I don’t have to read the summary of their books to know that I am going to like it.

I would recommend The Unicorn Quest to all fans of unicorns, shifters, and magic. I would also recommend any book by both authors as I know they would all be a great read.

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