Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Review: The Nexus Mirror (Chronicles of the Enlai Book 1) by N.E. Michael @nemichaelbooks

The Nexus Mirror
Chronicles of the Enlai Book 1
by N.E. Michael
Published: April 3, 2019
Publisher: Asteron Press LLC
Genre: Fantasy, Superheroes, Supernatural, Suspense, Young Adult


A secret race, locked in two-hundred years of war.
An ancient portal guards the ultimate power.
One girl is the key to it all.

The only question is who will find her first…

The year is 2094. A secret war has ravaged the Earth for centuries, desolating the Enlai race. Every tribe, each with their own powers, must choose a side. The sinister Following has toppled the Alliance, striving for world domination. The Resistance has been beaten into the dust. Now, the fate of the world lies in the hands of one man.
Raiden, typical of most teachers, can't shoot fireballs from his hands. He can't read the thoughts from behind a man's eyes or walk through walls. But when his orphanage is attacked by the very same organization of super-powered thugs who murdered his father, it is up to him to protect his student Sarah from their clutches. Sarah, the last of her tribe, holds the key to an ancient portal called the Nexus Mirror—and with it the last hope of The Resistance.

A mysterious, powerful new player joins the battle…

Alia had always known she was different. She could sense what others could not, feel what those around her were feeling. But despite her almost psychic intuition, she is alone on the streets. Every penny she earns goes towards taking care of her disabled sister, the only person in the world she has ever loved or trusted. Alia's entire life is about to change as Roko, the billionaire leader of the Following, shows a particular interest in her, generously taking her in and promising to heal her sister. As Alia rises in the ranks of The Following, unraveling the mysterious of her past, she must make a choice. Should she continue to sacrifice everything on behalf of her sister, even if that means hurting innocent people, or has the time come for her to resist Roko and fight for what is right?

Chronicles of the Enlai

Taking place in the near future, this thrilling sci-fi/fantasy series tells the tale of a secret, formidable race of super-powered beings fighting for the fate of the planet. The action-packed adventure will take you soaring through the skies on genetically engineered dinosaurs, charging the mountaintops with an army of sword-wielding Shadows, and sailing through perilous waters infested with zombies and super-powered pirates. So what are you waiting for? Come join the fight, the world is at stake!

My Review:

The Nexus Mirror is set in the year 2094. The country has been in a secret war for many, many years. In The Nexus Mirror there is a fantasy world called Enlai, each of the tribe members have their own special powers with each one being different from the other. And in this fantasy world Enlai it has magical creatures like zombies, shifters and super-powered pirates.

There is lots of action in The Nexus Mirror and it is filled with fighting scenes that keeps the pages turning. The Nexus Mirror grabbed my attention with the summary as it was set in the future in the year 2094 and with war as that means lots of fighting.

The Nexus Mirror keeps the adrenaline coursing through the old veins pumping you up for what is to come next in everyone’s journey in locating this one girl who is the key to stopping the war. The mention of the magical creatures drew me in as I do love zombies, shifters and pirates,

When I was reading The Nexus Mirror I got this feeling that I was reading a comic book with superhero characters. I felt as if the superhero characters were coming to life right before my eyes or the characters eyes. I could see it all playing out in my head like a movie and speaking of movie I would like to see this one on the big screen with all the magical creatures and the Enlai with their magical powers.

I highly recommend The Nexus Mirror to all superhero fans set in a fantasy world of magical creatures. 

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