Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Review: Mind Girl by Wendy Goldstein Davis

Mind Girl
by Wendy Goldstein Davis
Published: April 15, 2019
Publisher: Independently published
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Time Travel


Ava wants the one thing she knows isn't real.
Her life.
Ava knows Earth doesn't really exist - it's just a game in a certain frequency of awareness. No big deal, you make your human replica and play.
From a planet of crushing uniformity where minds communicate telepathically, Ava's thoughts are dominated by an irrefutable correctness. But inside her game's current human on Earth, she notices no one can detect her thoughts - no matter how heretical. Ava decides to hide deep in the game and live as the girl she appears to be. Forever.

But when tragedy strikes her school, Ava believes planet Tarvana's most dangerous mind has discovered her treason.

Jolted from cozy suburbia, Ava's will to exist in the world she chooses follows eternally-active thoughts to other centuries. America's brutal days of slavery burst through to her modern life and expose the lies on which planet Tarvana was founded, lies the dominant thought-caste will kill to keep secret. And Ava's own mind may be forced to conform and end her beloved time as a human.

If you like relatable characters who struggle to redeem their truth from the powers that be, you'll want to know:
Why was Ava told Earth was a fantasy?
Can love save her Earth family from a reality they don't know exists?Will freedom come to alternate worlds separated only by thought? Find out in this intriguing, poignant and profoundly fun urban fantasy.

My Review:

Mind Girl will pull you into its depths from the prologue never letting go until the last page has been read. Mind Girl covers so many topics and genres it is mind blowing.

The story and the characters explode off the pages right into your mind giving you so much to think about and may even open your mind to a whole new world.

Mind Girl is about a girl, Ava who wants so badly for her life to be real but she knows it’s not as she is only playing a game. You see Ava comes from a planet called Tarvana where everyone there comes to Earth to play a game which allows them to pretend that they are human and live on Earth.

The way the game is played is that Ava replicates her character/avatar/human player and she becomes the player. She can also replicate other things she may need or want like candy, clothes, money ect.

Mind Girl has been one of the most imaginative stories I think I have ever read. The plot/story is brilliantly written and so out of this world amazing. I have to give kudos to the author with keeping so many characters and the plot together, awesomely done.  

I understand the time travel and how it fit into the story. I understand how the Tarvana were playing a game but when I was reading Mind Girl I also got this feeling of reincarnation, alien invasion, role playing and of being like a puppet on a string kind of deal wondering who was controlling the strings or who the creator is.

It reminded me of that old movie Where Have All the People Gone? where all the people disappear after a major disaster hits Earth and another movie called Gamer where a prisoner plays a game and his character/avatar is controlled by someone else and a little bit of the Left Behind movies and books where people also disappear leaving behind their clothes and jewelry or whatever they may have has on them at the time.  

If you are into movies like Where Have All the People Gone?, Gamer or the Left Behind series then you are going to love Mind Girl. Once you pick it up you won’t be able to lay it down until the very end. One click your copy today!

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