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Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: The Waking of Ghosts (Lost Souls Academy Book 1) by Lilliana Rose @LillianaRose2 @SDSXXTours

The Waking of Ghosts 
Lost Souls Academy Book 1 
by Lilliana Rose 
Genre: Teen, YA Paranormal Fantasy

There is an evil awakening.
At the Lost Souls academy, students aren’t your typical everyday alumni.
Rejects from clans, packs, and covens walk these halls, but there’s something more sinister haunting the academy.
A resident ghost has new student, Zarya, on the fight to banish it. Will her actions cause more enemies at her new school than friends?

‘I’m coming for you.’
A message from beyond has Zarya fearful. Her skills are underdeveloped, but as a ghost hunter, she must stand and fight this new evil.

Can Zarya grow to be the ghost hunter she’s destined to be or will forces overpower her and bring chaos and destruction to the Lost Souls academy? 

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“I’m Avery Blackwood, and I’m the one who sent you the invitation. I’d be pleased to have you join my academy. You will fit in perfectly.”  
They were the words Zarya had wanted to hear for so long. Her heart ached to have somewhere to belong, and while this hadn’t been the most ideal welcome, maybe they could actually work things out. But then again, she had tried to remove the ghost, Crowe, once and for all, and this surely wouldn’t bode well for her. And what the hell was he doing here attached to a witch?  
Avery stretched out her hand.  
Zarya allowed her to help her to stand. “Zarya Burke. Witch and ghosthunter, as you know.” A tingle left her palm where Avery had touched her. An imprint of Avery’s magical ability. Zarya felt conflicted about whether or not to trust her.  
“I’m so glad you accepted the invite.”  
“I don’t know that I have.” Zarya was surprised by the words she’d spoken.  
A flash of disbelief went across Avery’s face. “Of course, you’d like more details. Right?”  
“Well, yeah…” Zarya wasn’t about to accept any old invitation, even though her heart ached to have somewhere like this to stay. She could feel the energy of the books vibrating from the shelves above, and she knew they would contain knowledge she was desperate to learn, which could help her be a better ghosthunter and even witch. This place might smell old and dusty, and needed a good airing out, but she reckoned she could live here. It was so much better than the apartment she shared with Peta.  
However, there was a very big ‘but’ welling up inside of her, followed by a lot of questions.  
“Come… let’s go to my office, sit down, and talk about my academy and why you would be the perfect addition.” Avery’s smile was too sweet for Zarya’s liking. But when the witch turned, Zarya found herself following. At the end of the day, she had nothing to lose by listening. And this had to be a better option than the life she was already living? Didn’t it? 
Zarya felt as if someone was watching her. She looked up and saw a young man around her age looking at her. He was partway up the stairs, his hand on the balustrade, his stance paused as if he’d suddenly been struck by a stunning spell. His eyes followed her, dark and big, with shadows underneath, suggesting he didn’t sleep much. His hair dark with gentle waves was styled with wax to make them stand out. But she didn’t sense anything gentle about him. His skin was pale, his lips a hungry red. Zarya’s breath caught in her throat, and she felt her pulse quicken, her body beginning to react to simply seeing him.  
She kept his glance as she walked past on the ground level, turning her head, not wanting to look away. He smiled at her, his teeth a brilliant white. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t smile back, a different sort of spell seemed to have taken control of her. Her primal instincts were rising, and her body temperature increased, simply from seeing this young man for the first time. Zarya quickly turned away, but the connection between them remained.  
This had a feeling of danger, and she knew she should beware.  
Keep away from him.  
Use him as an excuse not to stay here.  
She smiled to herself, following Avery into her dark office.  
Yeah, as if. She wasn’t one to shy away from danger.  

Zarya has been outed by her family, her coven and her school. She was kicked out of her school where she was learning how to be a witch and use her magic. She had a little help from a few classmates bullying her which resulted in her getting kicked out.

Now Zarya is trying to make a living and to keep a place to live by hunting ghosts. Zarya helps people rid their homes of ghosts. Zarya is known as a ghosthunter, a freelancing ghosthunter.

Avery Blackbird has opened an academy for people with lost souls or someone who doesn’t quite fit in, in other places. Avery’s school consists of misfits like vampires without fangs or werewolves without a pack plus other paranormal misfits.

Upon Zarya’s arrival at the Lost Souls Academy she has a run in with a ghost at the school. Zarya does what she does best, yeah you guessed it she tries to banish the ghost and send him on his merry way when she learns that this particular ghost may not be going anywhere as he is the founder Avery Blackbird’s familiar. Yeah her first day could be her last. Will Zarya get kicked out of another school? Can she fit in with her new surroundings and fellow misfits?

The Waking of Ghosts is a great start to a whole new series of academy books. It has all the paranormal creatures like vampires, witches, werewolves, fae, ghosts and misfits that don’t fit in. The Waking of Ghosts also has enough action to catch your attention and keep you hanging on with every turn of the pages waiting to see what situation Zarya will find herself in next.

If you like paranormal creatures like vampires, werewolves, fae and ghosts then you are going to fall in love with The Waking of Ghosts. 

Lilliana is an Amazon Bestselling author, who writes romance in the subgenres of contemporary, paranormal, steampunk, and rural. She enjoys helping characters overcome problems, or issues, and the misunderstandings that often plague relationships, to help them fall in love. Whether it city heels being replaced with country work boots, or some magic beyond this world, or cogs and gears and corsets, each story shows how love can prevail. 

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