Monday, February 24, 2020

Review: Twisted by Shelby Haisley @ShelbyHaisley

The August Havens Series #2
by Shelby Haisley
Published: January 26, 2015
Genre: Mystery, Suspense


After becoming separated from her companions, August is living a slightly normal life in Philadelphia. However, don't expect her to stay there long. With a new enemy on the loose after Jase’s invention and the CIA still on her trail, soon August is dragged back into a world of danger along with her best friend Blaire, who thought she was in a coma. As August struggles to remember the accident and survive the rules of her new reality, more threats begin to arrive. It’s time for the girl who wasn’t supposed to exist to disappear again.

My Review:

August Havens story continues with her in hiding and trying to start a new life with a GED under her belt now and attending college. August is trying to stay one step ahead of the CIA and the person who is after Jase’s new invention.

Everyone thinks that August is lying in a hospital bed in a coma instead of hiding out and looking out for her best friend Blaire. When August is seen following Blaire home from school she races to her friend and lets her in on her secrets. It would be very dangerous to leave Blaire behind now so August takes her friend with her to keep her safe and out of the government’s hands.

Twisted is a fast paced read that kept me on the edge of my seat as August and her friends raced around the country side running from bad people who were out to take her into custody or worse. What do these people want with August? The excitement and adrenaline kept rising and rising with each turn of the page with never a dull moment in between.

Just when you thought August and her friends were safe they were captured again. Who are all these people and what do they want with a sixteen-year-old girl, her best friend and her boyfriend?

Twisted kept me guessing and on my toes from beginning to end and even now I am still wondering what is going on with August and her life? I can’t wait to dive into the next book Crossed to hopefully gain some answers to my questions.

The August Havens series just gets better and better with each story. I would love to see Twisted and its predecessor Wanted on the big screen. I would like to see if the story I see playing out in my head as I read Twisted and Wanted would be the same in a movie or TV show.

Shelby Haisley is one amazing writer and I highly recommend Twisted and Wanted to anyone who is into mystery and suspense stories. One click yourself a copy of both Twisted and Wanted today!

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