Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Review: Bloodstained Bliss by Elle Limpkin @ElleLimpkinA

Bloodstained Bliss
by Elle Limpkin
Published: February 12, 2020
Genre: Mystery, Science Fiction, Futuristic


Earth has been crime-free for 300 years when a series of brutal murders shakes a small island and the entire planet. With no forensic team, no detectives, and no police, the task of catching the killer and restoring order falls on Zeno, the governor who hates politics.

Zeno has to sort through both his enemies and friends to find the person responsible, and only after his wife is in the cross-hairs, he realizes that people are killed with one purpose: to bring him down.

My Review:

It has been 300 years since planet Earth has seen a crime of any kind. Then out of the blue a murder is committed on a small island leaving the planet in a state of shock. When crime stopped all police stations and offices were closed with no need for crime investigators or police officers. So the job of solving the murder was left to the governor Zeno.

Zeno tries very hard to solve the crimes but has no idea what he is doing. Zeno as well as everyone else has no idea how to solve a crime as no one has been taught in years. All textbooks or any kind of book on the subject was destroyed years ago as well. But he had to start somewhere so he started with his friends and enemies.

Bloodstained Bliss was a very interesting and intriguing story. I loved the whole concept of why there were no more crimes. The story building was awesome revealing its secrets slowly keeping you hanging on as the climax built and racing to the end to see who was killing these people and why after so many years without any crimes?

Bloodstained Bliss was an awesome read set in a great world, a world that I would love to see more of in future books. I would also like to see more of Zeno in future books solving more crimes or maybe heading a forensic team of his own. I would also like to know more about the reason that crime stopped.

I would recommend Bloodstained Bliss to anyone who likes a good murder mystery with lots of suspense and futuristic books. What an awesome read!

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