Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Review: Crossed by Shelby Haisley @ShelbyHaisley

The August Havens Series #3
by Shelby Haisley
Published: February 19, 2018
Genre: Mystery, Suspense


After faking her death a year ago, August Havens has been living a life in hiding. However, one mistake leads her enemies to her, and soon August is on the run once more with the stakes raised higher than before. With her friends captured and a complex heist being their only chance, August must put everything on the line to save them. This may be a mission that not even the girl who wasn't supposed to exist can accomplish.

My Review:

August Havens has been living her life hiding out from her enemies after faking her death over a year ago. August is on the run again after her friends were captured. Her friends are being used as some sort of leverage against August trying to get her to come out of hiding and walk right into their hands.

Her friends would probably still be safe if August had not done a foolish thing. August went on a mission of her own and by herself. She tricked Jace and Blaire leaving them home alone unfortunately she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar so to speak, managing to escape once again but unfortunately her friends did not.

Once again August is forced to leave her safe haven behind and hit the road but not before going after her friends to hopefully rescue them and bring them home safely.

I know when August tricked her friends and went after the information she wanted by herself that deep down she thought she was protecting her friends not realizing that she was just putting them in more danger as the operation that she was trying to do would have probably turned out a lot better with help from her friends and she might not have been caught.

August has grown up a lot in so many ways because she has had to but there is still so many more ways where she hasn’t matured at all. If she wasn’t getting herself caught she was getting her friends caught and even killed at times. August always thought she was doing the best thing for everyone but she just wasn’t taking a look at the big picture very well.

But I’ll have to admit she kept me on my toes wondering what kind of trouble she was going to get everyone into next and then wondering how she was going to save everyone.

August may have always wanted what she wanted and putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy but she never stopped to think about the risks she was taking while performing the task at hand as she was trying to keep her friends safe or rescuing them or getting what she wanted. She never once thought about the danger she was putting herself in only the task that was before her at any given moment. August is the kind of friend that put her own life in danger to save her friends.

Crossed was just as fast paced as Wanted book one and Twisted book two in The August Havens Series. Crossed, like the first two books have lots of action and suspense it also has plenty of twists and turns to keep the pages rolling revealing just enough of its secrets to keep me hooked.

Once I picked up Crossed I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to see what August has in store for us on the next leg of her journey and where she will take us next. I am eagerly awaiting the next book in The August Havens Series.

I highly recommend Crossed to all mystery and suspense fans but I do suggest that you read Wanted and Twisted before reading Crossed as they are not stand alone books. One click your copy today!

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