Sunday, February 16, 2020

Review: Digital Girl by B. Austin @MagicProse

Digital Girl
by B. Austin
Published: February 16, 2020
Publisher: Spell Bound Books
Genre: Children’s Book, Middle Grade, Fantasy


Jupiter is a 12-year-old nerd and hacker with mostly online friends. She hacks using the handle, White-Rabbit. Then one evening, comes a lightning storm to end all storms, a storm that zaps the computer, freeing computer-gnomes. The gnomes escape the computer and surround Jupiter where she sits at the study desk. Using magic, the gnomes turn her into a tiny, digital girl and shove her through the lens of the camera and into the monitor.

Now, Jupiter is lost inside the computer, in a digital world filled with dangers, a world that has a gateway to the internet where a digital girl could get duplicated and spread across the world-wide-web onto tablets, cellphones, videos, and well, cyberspace.

Oh, heavens, the technology to turn a human being into a digital being is valuable and everyone seems to want a piece of Jupiter, including hackers who use avatars from the Wizard of Oz!

How will she ever escape back to her world and become a real girl again?

Time is running out as Jupiter struggles to break free of her prison.

Digital Girl is a bit like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, only Wonderland is the computer.
Digital Girl is a bit like Through the Looking-Glass, only the Looking-Glass is the monitor.
A shrunken Jupiter falls down the camera hole rather than down the rabbit hole.

My Review;

12-year-old Jupiter is a computer nerd who likes to hack. One day Jupiter wants to get online but unfortunately the computer has been hacked and now it is locked. Jupiter uses her skills as a hacker to hack into the computer to obtain the password so she can get on the computer and then proceed to the internet where she can check all her online accounts.

But unfortunately something goes terribly wrong and these little computer-gnomes come crawling out of the computer and sends Jupiter down the camera hole or the camera lens sending her straight inside the computer to meet all sorts of things inside like a desktop, programs, a virus, java, jpegs among a whole lot of other techy things that goes on in a computer world.

Yeah Jupiter has a rough and long day with her visit inside of a computer. She meets some friends on the inside but she meets some real bad things too. Things that want a piece of Jupiter, things that want to pay her back for hacking them, things that just are out to do the job they were created to do but could be very bad for Jupiter.

Jupiter just wants to find her way out of the computer and go back home but at the moment she doesn’t know how she is going to accomplish that problem but try she will. Jupiter is a very smart girl so I am sure she will eventually find her way home or will she?

Digital Girl has been an awesome read. I really enjoyed reading Digital Girl from Jupiter’s point of view as she is an amazing little girl. I really enjoyed reading Digital Girl also because I recognized all the parts of the computer and the virus’ and the programs. Digital Girl is a great way to explain how some virus’ and Trojan horses may work.

Digital Girl is great fit for all ages. It would be a great book for the younger young adult, middle grade, teens and even older adults who are into computers, fantasy or maybe even science fiction. If you fit in anywhere in the above categories then I would like to suggest that you give Digital Girl a try! One click your copy today!

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