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Review: Dystopian Dreams: Four Stories from The Last Book Café on Earth by @Clarelittlemore @ARIngleby @Alanah_Writes @Tracybonics

Dystopian Dreams: 
Four Stories from The Last Book Café on Earth
by Alison Ingleby, Clare Littlemore, Alanah Andrews, Tracy Korn

Published: January 30, 2020
Publisher: Windswept Writing
Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Young Adult


We dream about the future. We dream of freedom.
Four dystopian worlds. Four heroes fighting for their lives.

From The Last Book Café on Earth comes a collection of dystopian short stories:

- A woman on the run carries a secret that could mean death for her and the outlaws who take her in.

- A businessman ports his consciousness into an enhanced robotic shell for years – until the day he loses control.

- A poor Outsider risks everything to protect her family. But even her life might not be enough.

- A freak accident opens the door for a longshoreman’s dream to become a reality – if he’s willing to pay the price.

Experience non-stop action and mind-bending plot twists, and immerse yourself in imaginative sci-fi worlds. Perfect for fans of post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, The Handmaid’s Tale and Black Mirror.

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Review of Dystopian Dreams:
Four Stories from The Last Book Café on Earth

Dystopian Dreams is made up of four great and interesting stories. All four of the stories were so cool and amazingly well written. Each story introduces you into new worlds, new worlds that I would love to know more about as well as the characters. Each story is unique in its own way.

I recommend all four stories to dystopian and or science fiction fans. One click your copy today!

Review of The Machinist Daughter by Alison Ingleby

Rae Barnes Lives in a divided world. In one part there are the Insiders and on the other side are the Outsiders. The insiders are the upper class who has everything and the ones who sort of rule over the Outsiders who have to work hard so they don’t live on the streets.

Rae loses her job by letting her temper get the best of her. Her father loses his job after injuring his hands in an accident at work. With both of them out of work they will probably end up living on the street. Rae comes up with a plan to save her family but if she is caught it will be very dangerous for her.

Sneak Peek

So that’s what the collars do.

I shiver and turn away, not wanting to see any more. The thought that someone – something – could take control of a person like that sends an icy chill running through me. I know why the man was trying to get Inside. Like so many Outsiders, he was desperate for work. By the look of him, and hunger sends you crazy after a while.

Review of The Gender Guardian by Claire Littlemore

A young girl is running away from her home. She finds a cabin in the woods and decides to stay in the cabin over night and leave the next morning before the owners come back but she sleeps longer than she planned. She awakens staring into a pair of blue eyes. She is staring into the eyes of a male. She has been taught all her life that males are mean and very dangerous. Males is the one of the reasons she fled her home in the first place.

Sneak Peek

She can never stop running.

One hand massages her stomach, attempting to alleviate the pain of the stitch that creases her over, yet she stumbles on. Ahead, buried in the depths of the trees, is some kind of building. A little run down, but with four walls and a roof. enough to provide shelter from the elements. It’s been almost two days since she slept. Surely she can risk a short stop?

Review of Feral by Tracy Korn

Imagine living in a world where you have to pay all medical bills with your life. A man is working one night when he is in an accident that leaves him with lots of medical bills. This young man learns from experience what it truly means to pay with your life.

Sneak Peek

“Oh, that’s right!” Pritchard fired back. “You get that med-school application in?”

I sighed. “Don’t even start, OK?”

“I knew it! How many tries is that?” Pritchard turned the crank inside the loading rig, aligning the guide light over the crates. “I keep telling you, man, they don’t want Grind medics in The Citadel. Education is for the educated?”

Review of Vessels by Alanah Andrews

A world where humans travel from place to place by having their soul transferred to a machine or an AI known as a vessel. One man uses a vessel to travel on business and finds himself in mortal danger after reaching his destination.

Sneak Peek

“Just over to Melbourne for work,” he replied shortly, slipping the card back inside his wallet. After all, even if he had felt some sort of connection to Kate on a mental level, he knew she wouldn’t earn enough in her role as a customer attendant to use the MindPort system more than once or twice a year. Tarran would never get involved with someone who couldn’t afford to be in a real relationship with him, one that transcended the human form.

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