Thursday, February 20, 2020

Review: Savage Monarchs (Nocturnal Academy Book 3) by Margo Ryerkerk & Holly Hook @MargoRyerkerk @hollyannehook

Savage Monarchs
Nocturnal Academy Book 3
by Margo Ryerkerk & Holly Hook
Published: February 20, 2020
Genre: Vampires, Magic, Fae, Paranormal


Escaping the academy was just the beginning.

I’ve made it out of Nocturnal Academy.

No longer do I exist to please the vamps. Now, as a member of the Winter Court, my job is to execute them. But maybe my new standing is no better than being a courtesan. Now I am to become an assassin for the King of the Winter Court. The rules of the game might’ve changed, but I’m still a pawn.

If the King of the Winter Court thinks that I’m going to turn into a mindless soldier after everything I’ve been through, he’s in for a rude awakening. I’m going to do this on my terms while keeping a wall around my heart at all times.

I will not be vulnerable again.

Life, however, has other ideas. Like throwing in a friend from my past and worse, Thorsten, a handsome jerk of a vampire who has messed with my mind and feelings one too many times.

I might’ve left Nocturnal Academy, but I’m far from safe.

Enter a magical world where a half-fae will fight for her voice to be heard!

My Review:

Onyx has finally managed to escape the vamps and becoming a vampire slave to Vulthus. Onyx doesn’t get to taste freedom but for mere second before she is whisked away to the Fae Winter Court. The king of the Winter Court is claiming to be Onyx’s father but she is not sure if she trusts him or who she can trust at this point.

The king has offered her a chance to get back at Vulthus and the vamps for what they did to her but before she can obtain her revenge there is something she must do for the king n return and that is become his assassin with a few kills under her belt first of course.

The king gives Onyx the chance to train in combat and become stronger with the use of her magic for when the time comes for her to become his assassin and to kill Vulthus and extract her revenge.

Onyx has other plans for her life other than becoming an assassin for the king but she will play by his rules and do as he ask while biding her time and getting what she wants while making plans for her escape.

Savage Monarchs is a fast paced read that will keep you on the edge of your seat not being able to turn the pages fast enough hoping and rooting as Onyx turns the next corner to see what is waiting for her and to see how she is going to deal with it all. Onyx grows so much in the use of her magic becoming stronger and better.

I love this world in the Nocturnal Academy that the authors have created for Onyx and Thorsten her gorgeous vampire friend. I can’t wait to read more in this world in future books full of vampires, fae and magic.

I highly recommend Savage Monarchs to all fans of vampires, Faes, kings and magic. One click yourself a copy today!

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