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Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Academy of the Lost Labyrinth by Stephen H. Provost @sprowriter @SDSXXTours

The Talismans of Time 
Academy of the Lost Labyrinth Book 1 
by Stephen H. Provost 
Genre: YA Academy Fantasy 

A girl and a boy must work together to save the world. But that's not as easy as it seems: They live thousands of miles and a hundred years apart.

Two orphans lost in a magical maze must find their way home, or all is lost. The labyrinth they've wandered into, in different years and from different directions, is filled with wonders and mortal dangers. Talking dragons and flying reindeer. An evil sorcerer who can bend time to his will. A tree-man who guards the Black Forest. The captain of an airborne pirate ship with a secret weapon he stole from heaven. Even death itself.

But they have one hope to find their way home and save the world: seven magical artifacts called the Talismans of Time. And they have a secret ally: the headmistress of an Academy for magically gifted students who knows how to travel through time - and who has visited the labyrinth before. Can she help bring these two lost orphans together and repair a fateful flaw in history? The world is depending on them. If they can't accomplish their mission, the Academy will never even exist in the first place. And the Academy is everything.

Will they succeed? Time will tell. And it's running out.

Fans of Academy novels, Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and The Labyrinth will love this fanciful and thrilling adventure through the Lost Labyrinth. Pick it up today! 

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The spearpoint quivered slightly, because the woman’s hand shook. She was young, Elizabeth could tell, barely more than a child herself. “I am not sad,” she said as evenly as possible, but Elizabeth heard her voice quiver, ever so slightly, as well.

“I know you are,” said Elizabeth. “I can tell. You are alone.”

“I am not,” the spearmaiden protested, louder and more emphatically. “He is always with me. He sees me. He knows me.”

“And that makes you feel more alone,” Dreqnir said.

The girl did not answer.

“Who is this ‘he’?”

“Father Time,” Illian said.

“Nigel,” Dreqnir snorted. “I should have known.”

“It is not your place to speak his name!” Illian nearly shouted.

Elizabeth took another step backward.

She shouldn’t have.

She didn’t know she was standing near the edge of the stone outcropping, which was the only thing separating her feet from the valley far below. As one of her feet met with air, she stumbled and tried to right herself, but she was so badly off-balance she couldn’t keep herself from starting to fall. Pebbles dislodged from the outcropping skittered and fell toward the ground thousands of feet beneath her. She felt everything give way...

The Talismans of Time is told from two points of view, one from a girl named Elizabeth and the other from a boy named Alexander. Elizabeth and Alexander are from two different times and worlds. One enters a corn maze and the other enters a labyrinth. The world is in total darkness and it is up to these two to save the world.

As they enter this new world they will have run-ins with all sorts of magical creatures like talking dragons and flying reindeer. I loved the flying reindeer now that would be something to lay eyes upon. The wonder of all these magical creatures are not the only things they come across in the maze. No danger lurks upon them and coming from all directions.

Can Alexander and Elizabeth make it out of the maze unscathed? Can they save the world from impending doom? All the answers can be found in The Talismans of Time. Pick up your copy today to begin a magical journey into a world of magic and fantasy.

The Talismans of Time is an epic fantasy that will draw you into its world from the first page and have you racing to the end to see how it is all going to turn out and have you wondering how all the character’s stories are going to come together. I can’t wait to dive into the next book Pathfinder of Destiny to see where all the characters take us on their next journey and what mysteries they are going to solve.

The Talismans of Time has a little bit of everything to offer like magic, magical creatures, fantasy, talking dragons and flying reindeer so if you are into any of these things then one click yourself a copy today to begin this epic journey!

Pathfinder of Destiny 
Academy of the Lost Labyrinth Book 2 

The thrilling sequel to The TALISMANS of TIME

“I am not the Pathfinder of Destiny—whatever that means,” Cassidy said.
“It means,” said Gamela, “that the fate of the world depends on you.”
Cassidy hadn’t asked for this. She was a loner. An asthmatic, claustrophobic C-student from Detroit with one real friend and no real talent.
Or so she thought.
But the kindly and mysterious Mrs. Giles knows better. She knows Cassidy has a special gift, and that she needed a special school to develop it.
Now, Cassidy finds herself at the Academy of the Lost Labyrinth, surrounded by other students who can travel through time, walk through dreams, change shapes and manipulate memories. But she feels more alone than ever, because something is going terribly wrong at the Academy, and only she can fix it.
The problem is, she has no idea how. 

Fans of Academy novels, Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and The Labyrinth will love Book 2 of this fanciful and thrilling adventure through the Lost Labyrinth. Pick it up today! 

The engines whined as the nose of the jumbo jet dove toward the ground below.

An explosion had blown a hole the size of Cassidy’s front door in the side of the plane, and everything was flying out into the middle of nowhere at twenty thousand feet above the Earth.

Oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling; Cassidy grabbed at hers and fumbled to put it over her face as she wheezed.

Asthma attack.

The air from outside the plane felt like it was clawing at her violently, greedily, hungrily, desperately trying to suck her toward oblivion. Her seatbelt was the only thing holding her in place, and it felt like it was about to rip her in two.

Screams filled the cabin. A laptop flew away from a man across the aisle; he grabbed at it, but it went sailing through the jagged hole and out of sight. Napkins, plastic drink cups, notebooks, pens, backpacks, headphones... everything that wasn’t strapped in went tumbling through the air and whizzing out.

A tray of snacks and drinks.

A flight attendant.

Cassidy looked at the empty seat next to her.


Stefani was Cassidy’s best friend. Her only friend, really. She’d gotten up to use the restroom and had been standing in the aisle when the explosion hit.

Had been.

Now, Stefani was getting sucked toward that hole...

Cassidy never thought of herself as something special but I assumed someone did when she received an invitation to attend the Academy of the Lost Labyrinth, a special secret school for people with special powers or abilities. Cassidy’s world is about to change and in ways she never imagined.

Cassidy has entered a world of magical creatures. She is meeting new people with special powers. She has met shape shifters, mind readers among other magical abilities. Cassidy has also been informed that she is a pathfinder. No one has seen a new pathfinder in many years.

There is something bad going on at the school and Cassidy is the only one who can fix it and make it all better and if she doesn’t then it could be very sad for all the students at the academy.

Pathfinder of Destiny is a very unique and intriguing book that will grab your attention from the first sentence and never let go until you have turned the last page. The world building is amazingly awesome in its own way as well as the characters that are just as amazing.

Pathfinder of Destiny introduces us to some new characters but also brings back some old characters from the first book The Talismans of Time. It also introduces us to shape shifters, familiars, magical creatures and dragons.

I really enjoyed Pathfinder of Destiny way more than its predecessor The Talismans of Time. I love the academy setting and the world that was created for it. I can’t wait for more adventures in this fabulous world at the Academy of  the Lost Labyrinth.

If you are into stories like Harry Potter with magic and academy settings then you are going to love Pathfinder of Destiny. One click your copy today!

Stephen H. Provost writes fantasy adventures and historical nonfiction. A journalist with more than 30 years of experience and a former educator, he has worked as an editor, reporter, and columnist at four daily newspapers in California. 

His works of fiction include "The Talismans of Time" and "Pathfinder of Destiny," the first two entries in the "Academy of the Lost Labyrinth" series; the fantasy novels "Memortality" and its sequel, "Paralucidity"; the young adult science fiction adventure "Identity Break"; the fantasy novella "The Only Dragon"; and the "Twilight Zone"-inspired collection of short stories and dark poetry titled "Nightmare's Eve." 

The author's nonfiction works include "Fresno Growing Up" and "Martinsville Memories" (history and nostalgia); "Highway 99: The History of California's Main Street" and "Highway 101: The History of El Camino Real (Americana and travel); "A Whole Different League" (sports history); "The Legend of Molly Bolin" (sports biography); "Media Meltdown" (political commentary); "Please Stop Saying That! (humor, commentary); and "Undefeated" (history and inspiration). His extensive survey of ancient history, fable and mythology is contained in his Phoenix series of books. 

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