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Review: Lost World (Broken World #4) by Kate L. Mary @kmary0622

Lost World

Broken World #4

by Kate L. Mary

Published: April 28, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Post-apocalyptic, Zombies, Horror


Lost World, the fourth book in the Broken World series, continues following a group of survivors after a super-virus has destroyed the world and the dead have come back to claim it as their own...

With their shelter destroyed and their sense of security shattered, Vivian, Axl and the group set off in search of a safe place. But the group’s morale is at an all-time low, and they now know it’s not just the dead they have to fear. Weeks of wandering brings sickness, death and loss to the survivors, and Vivian soon finds herself losing hope of ever discovering a safe place to live. To make matters worse, two members of the group go missing, leaving the others to wonder not only what happened to them, but if they will ever see their friends alive again.

After what happened in Vegas, Hadley feels like a stranger in her own body. When she and Jon get separated from the rest of the group, she finds herself confronted not only with the scars left behind by her ordeal, but facing the possibility of a new beginning with Jon at her side.

In a twist of fate, Vivian and Axl stumble upon a place that could be the group’s salvation, only to have hope slip through their fingers once again when they are met with the most devastating blow yet…

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My Review:

After being in a zombie apocalypse for so long everyone is learning how to live with zombies, how to be safer, how to be more aware of their surroundings, and to know when a zombie may be close by but how aware or safe can you be when a horde comes upon you?

The group finds a temporary safe place to stay for a while as they could use a break and a little rest. Supplies are running low so a group is sent out to a nearby town.

They have a little run-in with humans and have to leave a couple of their guys, Jon and Hadley behind as it was too dangerous to look for them at the time. Yeah, zombies are not all they have to worry about as humans can be just as dangerous if not more so.

When they arrive back at camp they find that the others have been overrun by a horde of zombies and have been backed into a corner and are losing ground quickly.

Later they find themselves back on the road again fighting zombies and looking for a safe place to spend the winter. They decide to head north where it is colder hoping that there will not be as many zombies or at least maybe the cold will slow the zombies down somewhat.

Lost World is the fourth book in the Broken World series and it just keeps getting better and better with more and more zombies to fight. I love this world that is filled with zombies. The live people are not so bad either, LOL! Yeah, the Broken World series has a great set of characters. The world-building is just so awesome. I can’t get enough of it.

All the characters have their own things that they are dealing with. Some before the zombies invaded the world and others after. I think that all or most all are dealing with them very well.

Vivian lost her baby girl in the beginning and although she will never get over it she is dealing with it very well or at least on the surface.

Hadley is doing well for what she went through in the last book in Vegas. Some days are worse than others but she is coping.

But then there are some that just can’t seem to move forward and seems to be stuck in Vegas so to speak, breaks my heart. I just wanted to reach in the book and wrap my arms around them to hopefully give them a little comfort.

There was this one big twist and surprise at the end that left me gasping wondering what was going to happen in the next book which I can’t wait to dive into to learn more about that one.

As always I highly recommend Lost World and the whole Broken World series to all those zombie fans out there. One-click your copy of Lost World as well as the whole Broken World series today for an epic adventure into a zombie-filled world!


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