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Virtual Book Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Saving La Familia by Donna Del Oro @GoddessFish

Saving La Familia

by Donna Del Oro

GENRE: Contemporary Romantic Suspense


A romantic suspense comedy set in Silicon Valley, a young Latina teacher, Dina Salazar, is asked by her Mexican-born grandmother to rescue her cousins from a dangerous Mexican drug cartel. After all, her stern grandmother tells her, she is the “smart one” in the family. To do so, she has to recruit help from her hated ex-fiance. What’s a girl to do when “la familia” calls?

SAVING LA FAMILIA by Donna Del Oro, about a latina teacher who's recruited by her Mexican-born grandmother to save her cousins from a dangerous Mexican drug cartel. It's a romantic-suspense comedy with many "buen dichos"!

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Grandma Gómez—”Life is like an artichoke. It takes a lot of peeling to get to the heart of things.”

How did I, in three short months, get to the heart of my Mexican-American family? It wasn’t easy, believe me. Especially since I was the family’s desgraciada. The disgraced one. Ever since I turned eighteen and had my legal name changed from Dolores—which means aches and pains in Spanish—to Dina. My namesake, Grandma Dolores Gómez, refused to speak to me or acknowledge my existence for about a year after the name change. Before that, I was simply the family brat and rebel. The know-it-all.

But you see, Grandma was the heart of the matter. And the big, dark secrets she kept closed up in her heart all got ex- posed in those tumultuous months. And before I could blink and realize what was happening, I was roped into a scheme to rescue cousins I never knew I had out of the deadly clutches of a Mexican drug cartel. Why was I chosen, you ask? Me, Dina Salazar, the desgraciada? A single schoolteacher with a long line of loser-boyfriends? How did I end up looking up the barrel of a cartel commando’s automatic weapon? Come along with me and I’ll tell you.


My Review:

Dina Salazar’s grandmother has asked her to help rescue her cousins from a Mexican drug cartel. Dina’s grandmother has been holding on to a secret for a very long time. The secret has finally come out and with it, Dina must travel to Mexico to save her family, a family she didn’t know existed until recently.

In order to save her family, Dina will need the help of her ex-fiancĂ© Rick Ramos. Rick broke Dina’s heart a long time ago when he broke their engagement to wed another. Dina has been nursing a broken heart ever since although she has tried to put on a brave face and to get on with her life and leave Rick in the past.

Saving La Familia was a sweet romantic story that was so very intriguing that held my attention from beginning to end. There was never a dull moment. The story flowed at a great pace. I liked getting to know Dina and her family. Saving La Familia tapped into my feelings on more than one occasion. I wanted to reach in and give Rick’s little girl a great big hug more than once for so many different reasons.

Saving La Familia awakens all sorts of feelings. Donna Del Oro is an amazing author as she knows how to bring all those feelings out. She knows how to write characters that you feel as if you have known them all your life. Like they are your best friends.

The descriptions were written so vividly that I felt as if I was a part of their world. I felt as if I was making every step the characters were making. I could see their world playing out before my eyes. Some of it was great but some of it was not. There were happy times, scary times, sad times, and angry times.

I would highly recommend Saving La Familia to anyone who likes a good romantic suspense story! Be sure and one-click your copy of Saving La Familia today!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Donna Del Oro lives in Northern California with her husband and three cats. She taught high school and community college English classes for 30+ years and is now happily retired. When not doing research, writing novels, or reading voraciously, she travels and sings with the medal winning Sacramento Valley Chorus.

Donna is a member of Capitol Crimes, the Sacramento chapter of Sisters in Crime in addition to the Valleyrose chapter of the RWA. She has judged RITA entries and does developmental editing on the side. Two of her novels, Operation Familia and Born To Sing, have won national and international awards.

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