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Review: A Fang to Remember (Vampire Pet Boutique Mysteries #1) by Elle Wren Burke @ElleBurke8

A Fang to Remember

Vampire Pet Boutique Mysteries #1

by Elle Wren Burke

Published: September 28, 2022

Genre: Paranormal, Vampire, Cozy Mystery, Fantasy, Mystery


A disabled vampire? Impossible. Unless everything you've been told about vampires is a lie…

You'd think Arteria Falls, Colorado would be riddled with dead bodies considering its vampire population, but Josie and her fellow vampires live peacefully in their little hidden town. Josie is just an average resident running a pet boutique while managing her disability until her best customer is murdered… in her friend’s bakery.

Stunned to hear that the kindhearted baker is now the prime suspect in the murder, Josie must resurrect the investigation skills she acquired while working for her grandfather’s P.I. business to help clear her friend’s name. But as she unravels the web of lies and secrets woven around the victim, it becomes clear a killer more devious than Dracula himself is on the loose. Josie fears her pained joints might give up before she can stop them.

With more suspects on the list than Josie has working joints, can Arteria Falls’ only P.I. catch the killer before they claim another victim?

If you like cozy towns, vivacious vampires, and charming canine companions, then you'll love Elle Wren Burke’s fangtastic mystery.

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My Review:

A Fang to Remember was a sweet light and cozy read that grabbed my attention from the beginning. A Fang to Remember has more to offer than just a mystery to solve. A Fang to Remember is about a town of vampires who live in secret away from the eyes of humans. With the exception of a few humans who keep their secret well.

As the people of Arteria Falls, Colorado will testify, yeah, you guessed it vampires are real but they are not like all the fantasy stories you have read about. No, these vampires are unlike any you have probably heard of before.

Josie Wixx is just your average vampire with a very beautiful canine friend. Josie runs a pet boutique and is disabled. Josie is in a lot of pain constantly. The pain gets so bad that it is hard for her to stay on her feet.

One of Josie’s best customers is murdered in her best friend’s bakery and is the number one suspect. Josie knows or believes that her friend is innocent so when she asks her to find out who the real killer is she accepts.

A Fang to Remember was a fun and cozy read that kept me guessing as to whodunit right up until the end. It had me racing to the end to find out what really happened and why. I was filled with so many questions from the moment the dude died until the killer was exposed.

A Fang to Remember will stay with me for a long time to come. As I write my review for A Fang to Remember I am sitting here contemplating the next book in the Vampire Pet Boutique Mysteries and all that it may or could entail.

I highly recommend A Fang to Remember to anyone looking for a sweet and cozy mystery with a vampire or two thrown in! Grab your copy of A Fang to Remember today for a cozy adventure!

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A Fang to Remember #1




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