Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Review: Ink Blossom (Ink Blossom #1) by Lynn Robin @LynnRobinAuthor

Ink Blossom

Ink Blossom #1

by Lynn Robin

Published: September 20, 2022

Genre: Magic, Romance, Paranormal


All her life, Gwyn has lived in a land suspended in eternal autumn—but her heart calls out to the Land of Spring. Leaves don’t fall when she’s around; they flourish instead, and cherry blossoms follow in her wake.

The only way to leave the Land of Autumn, is by having the devil of the Ink Lake accept your offering—the very devil who steals Other Season Girls to feast on their bones—and only then, he will allow a soul to leave his season.

But no one’s offering has ever been accepted.

Except for Gwyn’s.

Yet still, Autumn is trapping her and she cannot leave.

Desperate to escape, Gwyn attracts the attention of a being she should not, and when her path crosses that of the devil’s, he’s nothing she thought he would be.

Beautiful. Soft-spoken.

A broken man haunted by nightmares and guilt and death.

Gwyn has a choice to make. To either remain trapped forever.

Or to risk it all and free the devil from his cage.

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My Review:

Ink Blossom tells the tale of a girl, Gwyn who lives in the Land of Autumn. Gwyn doesn’t like living in Autumn as it is so dreary and sad. She wants to live in the Land of Spring where everything is alive and beautiful.

Gwyn has heard all her life about this tale where you leave an offering, a gift to the devil in Ink Lake and if he accepts your gift then you can leave the Land of Autumn. But no one's gift has ever been accepted before as so many girls have gone missing over the years.

But Gwyn wants out so bad she is willing to take that chance. She is tired of living in this land of doom. She wants to be free to live where she chooses. Gwyn wants out so bad she is almost willing to pay whatever price is asked.

Ink Blossom is so different than most books I have read. Ink Blossom is spellbinding. It hooked me from the very beginning and never let go until I had read the last page. Oh, wait who am I kidding? It still has its grip on me even now. Ink Blossom has so much to tell as there is so much laying between its pages. Ink Blossom is full of mystery and suspense with lots of secrets hiding Among its pages. I can’t wait for the next book Ink Raven to see where Gwyn’s story takes us next.

The descriptions are so vividly written I felt as if I was witnessing the whole thing right before my very eyes. I think I made a connection with Gwyn in some ways as I could feel and see what she was feeling and seeing. And it was amazing at times and so beautiful with the darkness and light blending into one almost. Like the ink and the cherry blossoms. The ink made it a dark and dreary place and the cherry blossoms made it a light and cheerful place.

As with any book Lynn Robin has written I highly recommend Ink Blossom to anyone looking for their next great and amazing book to read! Grab your copy of Ink Blossom today for a journey of a lifetime!  

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