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Review Tour + #Giveaway: Love, Untruths, and the Smuggler's Ruse by Anne Shaw @author_shaw @GoddessFish

Love, Untruths, and the Smuggler's Ruse

by Anne Shaw

GENRE: Regency Romance


Follow the gentlemen of the Tenet Club— an elusive group of noblemen that investigates crimes committed by the nobility—on a rousing journey of romance, suspense, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

Viscount Langdon is torn between duty and desire. After his father’s death, he has every intention of resigning from the Tenet club when he meets Mrs. Adare. The lively widow with a knack for trouble piques more than his curiosity, and he agrees to one last assignment.

Mrs. Elizabeth Adare is on a mission to bring a smuggler to justice, and nobody is going to get in her way, not even Lord Langdon. With the aid of the maddening, yet intriguing lord, she follows the clues to a troubling discovery; one that could expose her own secrets.

After the investigation takes an unexpected turn, Elizabeth must choose between revealing the truth of her past and losing Langdon or allowing a murderer to go free.

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Lord held me, you’re more foolish than I thought,” Langdon said under his breath, following her swaying hips as she moved to the table holding truffles. She was petite but curvaceous and his desire for her continued to grow to an uncomfortable state.

Light laughter floated on the air. “I may be foolish, but I am not deaf,” she said.

No, I see you’re not.” Another couple got into line behind them, and he moved closer to Mrs. Adare. A stray lock of hair rested on her shoulder, and he curled his fingers to stop the need to push it aside. The skin of her neck was pale and tempting. Too tempting.

I know if I could just see what accounts he has in town, I can piece where he is hiding the profits from the smuggling.”

Her adamant statement sent a grin to his lips. She was nothing if not persistent.

You may not be deaf, but you don’t listen well, Mrs. Adare.” Nor did he listen well to his own common sense. She was supposed to be an assignment, but their dance had brought home an unexpected fact; he desired her more than he should. The lessen he’d thought he had learned with Maria had apparently not been harsh enough.

She lifted several truffles onto her plate, maneuvering the sweet to fit onto a crowded surface. Either she was hungry, or she had a weakness for chocolate. “I listen well enough. I wish you would give me the same courtesy.”

That I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I am not listening,” he said.

My Review:

Elizabeth Adare has a secret she is hiding from everyone. When she decides to bring a smuggler in for justice she meets a man, a Lord to be exact, Viscount Langdon who is a member of the Tenet club, a club for rich men. Like most, in this time period, Langdon doesn’t think Elizabeth should be investigating any case but she is very determined to prove him wrong.

The attraction between these two is very strong from the moment they lay eyes on each other. Elizabeth tries to stay her distance from the man but the case she is working on keeps throwing them together around every corner as Langdon is working on the same case. Elizabeth is worried that her secret is on its way to being discovered.

Love, Untruths, and the Smuggler's Ruse is a love story that has plenty of mystery and suspense to keep you up all night reading as you are not going to want to lay this one down once you pick it up. The mystery and suspense alone are enough to keep you hooked from one page to another.

The description of it each character and their events will help to keep the pages rolling as they make it so easy to see it all in your head. I could see Elizabeth and Langdon on the dance floor with everyone watching them.

I truly enjoyed reading Love, Untruths, and the Smuggler's Ruse way more than I ever thought I would. I am now going to check out the other books in the Tenet Gentlemen's Club series.

If you like a good romance with a twist of suspense and mystery sprinkled throughout then I would like to suggest that you give Love, Untruths, and the Smuggler's Ruse a try. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Anne Shaw is the author of both contemporary and historical romances. She lives in western Washington with her four-legged friend Larry, a quirky cat who stares at her for hours on end while she loses herself in a world where a sexy hero, and bold heroine face unsurmountable odds to reach the ultimate goal, a happily-ever-after. If you like rom-dramedies, then visit www.Anne-Shaw.com.

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