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Review: Mitchell Manor by S. R. Leinbeck @SRLeinbeck

Mitchell Manor

by S. R. Leinbeck

Published: September 16, 2022

Genre: Ghost, Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal


Mitchell Manor is a place that holds a lot of secrets.

The Mitchells were one of the most prominent families in the area. In 1843, Theodore Mitchell’s family and household staff was found murdered. When Theodore disappeared, rumors began accusing him of the crime. What would cause a normally well-mannered and well-liked individual to completely snap? Over one-hundred years would pass before the true answer to that question is discovered.

Elle Lewis is a novel writer looking for inspiration for her next book. She rented Mitchell Manor in hopes of removing herself from the distractions of the city. As soon as she arrives at the manor, strange events start to happen. Believing it’s her imagination, Elle dismisses many of the occurrences. When things start to escalate, Elle can’t ignore the manor anymore. She realizes it is her responsibility to find out what really happened the night of the murders.

This book has all the ingredients for a classic ghost story: a haunted house, evil spirits, time travel, and small-town rumors. Along with a little romance and humor, this book gives the reader a little bit of everything.

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My Review:

Mitchell Manor gives us two stories. One in 1843 and the other in 2022. In 1843 a family is murdered, one man disappears and the rumors all say that the man who disappeared murdered his family and the servants. But are the rumors true? Why did this man kill his family? Or did he?

In 2022 Elle Lewis a writer was looking for a nice quiet place to write her next book when she lucked up finding the Mitchell Manor. The Mitchell Manor is set in a secluded area with a small town nearby. No one to bother her for miles.

Everything is going great until the manor comes alive. When Elle arrives there are servants waiting for her. No one mentioned there would be servants. The whole place seemed to come alive when Elle stepped inside its gates.

Strange things start to happen. The servants appear out of nowhere as if they can read her mind as all of her wants and needs are taken care of almost immediately.

After talking to some of the people who live in the nearby town Elle starts to wonder about all the things that are going on at Mitchell Manor. Is she losing her mind? Is any of it real? Are the servants real?

What really happened all those years ago on the night a man murdered his family? Was Elle brought here by the manor itself? If so what does the manor what with Elle?

Mitchell Manor was a short read but it packed a big punch. Mitchell Manor may have been a short read but it had a full-length novel between its pages. Mitchell Manor was unique in its own way. It had some of the most incredible characters. The description was so well written it made the story magical.

Mitchell Manor was filled with mystery and suspense that kept me hanging on page after page. It grabbed my attention from the very beginning and never let go, not even after the last page was read. It still fills my mind as I sit here writing my review. I can still see it playing out in my head as if watching a movie.

I would like to read more books about Elle and all her adventures visiting haunted manors. Mitchell Manor is or would be a great start to a whole new world.

I highly recommend Mitchell Manor to anyone who loves a good ghost story. You know Halloween is coming up and I believe that Mitchell Manor would be a great starter book for the season! So grab your copy of Mitchell Manor today but be prepared to be spooked! 

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