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Blog Tour + Review + #Giveaway: Dorothy In the Land of Monsters (Oz ReVamped, #1) by Garten Gevedon @GartenGevedon @XpressoTours

Dorothy In the Land of Monsters
Garten Gevedon
(Oz ReVamped, #1)
Publication date: October 11th 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

Shifters, Zombies, and Vampires? Oh my!

My name is Dorothy Gale, and I think I might be dead.

When my dog Toto and I got swept up in a twister, we landed in hell. A very colorful hell. Like a rainbow dripping in blood. Now it looks as though this dreadful underworld plagued with vampires, zombies, and shifters will be the site of my eternal damnation.

They say this terrifying land called Oz isn’t hell or purgatory and escape is possible, but first I must survive the journey down the blood-soaked yellow brick road to the only place in Oz where vampires dare not tread—The City of Emeralds.

With enchanted footwear and the help of my three new friends—a friendly zombie, a massive shifter lion, and a heartless axe murderer of evil night creatures (who also happens to be the hottest guy I’ve ever seen)—Toto and I have a chance to make it to the Vampire Free Zone. When we get there, I must convince the most powerful wizard in this magical land of monsters to send us out of this radiant nightmare and back to the world of the living. They say he’s just as frightening as this monstrous land, that he detests visitors, and even the most horrifying creatures cower in his presence. But I must seek him out. And when I find him, I’ll do whatever it takes to make him send me home.

My Review:

Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto along with their house are swept up in a tornado and whisked away to another world/realm to the Land of Monsters. The first thing Dorothy recognizes in the Land of Monsters is that it is way more colorful than her home which is grey but it is her home and she wants to return but she has no idea how to do that.

Until someone informs her that she will have to go to the Emerald City that is a vampire safe zone free of vampires. There she will meet the great wizard of Oz and he will help her to return home.

Dorothy will have to travel on the yellow brick road to reach this magical city. Along the way Dorothy meets some new friends a zombie, a shifter lion and a heartless axe murder. The zombie wants to tag along with Dorothy to Emerald City so the wizard can cure him from the zombie virus. The lion shifter has no courage and wants to go to ask the wizard to make him courageous so he can be the great king he is destined to be. The heartless axe murder wants to ask the wizard for a heart.

On their journey our little trio has a lot of trials to endure and lot of monsters to kill. The action and the twists just keep on coming never a dull moment in the Land of Monsters. Dorothy in the Land of Monsters will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat from one end of Oz to the other rooting for our friends, Ardie a friendly zombie, Nick a heartless axe murder, Werelion a shifter lion hoping they all make it to the Emerald City to have all their wishes come true.

I loved this new twist on the Land of Oz it was brilliant with all the monsters like vampires, witches, wizards, zombies with a new twist plus other creatures. Once I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down but life gets in the way some times and so does sleep. I loved all the fighting and Dorothy’s new shoes they were magical.

I have never enjoyed the Land of Oz so much in my life. If the movie The Wonderful Wizard of Oz had been this good then I would have liked it just as much as others. I remember when we were young my little brother would watch The Wizard of Oz every year but I never saw it until I was an adult years later and I have only seen it once. But I mostly think that is because I understand it more now than then. I understand more about the parts with the brain, the heart and courage and more about what they were really asking for.

I can’t wait to read more about Dorothy, Nick, Ardie, Werelion and Toto in the Land of Monsters. I love the world of Oz ReVamped and am anxiously awaiting the next installment to this wonderful world.

And with saying that I definitely recommend Dorothy in the Land of Monsters to all zombies, vampires, witches, shifters and the Wizard of Oz fans. 

Author Bio:

Garten Gevedon lives in New York City with her family. She's a sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal author who loves taking fairy tales and turning them inside out. You can visit her online at




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