Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Review: Ink Raven (Ink Blossom #2) by Lynn Robin @LynnRobinAuthor

Ink Raven

Ink Blossom #2

by Lynn Robin

Published: November 22, 2022

Genre: Magic, Romance, Paranormal


After saving Gwyn’s life and managing to fight off the feral season of his land, Rafe flees to the Land of Summer with the girl who has captured the one part of his heart he has managed to keep.

Yet as soon as he finds himself in the other land, Rafe realizes that what he has believed for a century isn’t true—and that the truth of the seasonal gods is far more complicated than he ever thought possible, a web of lies and betrayal.

As revelations threaten to shatter Gwyn’s dream of finding the Land of Spring, she has to choose once more whether she’ll help her beautiful, soft-spoken, fragile yet powerful Autumn god in unraveling the secrets of the seasons, the risk of losing her heart to him more real than ever, or to protect herself and leave his side.

But Autumn is watching both Rafe and Gwyn—the god they turned into a devil and the girl who freed him from his prison—, and it soon seems that making choices of their own is a freedom which neither of them can afford.

The Ink Raven will have to rise once more.

And the mortal girl he loves is the only one who can help him fly as high as the world needs him to.

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My Review:

We first met Gwyn in Ink Blossom and now her story continues in Ink Raven. Gwyn is still trying to find a way out of Autumn and into the land of Spring. Gwyn doesn’t like living in Autumn as it is so deary and sad. Gwyn’s story is full of sadness and heartache.

Gwyn is not the only character that has made it back into the story. No her friend Rafe is back as well. Rafe is making it his life mission, well, sort of to help Gwyn find a way out of Autumn and into the land of Spring.

Their journey is not an easy one. Hoping from one season to another is a little more difficult than they imagined I do believe. But I know the effort will be well worth it in the long run if things pan out for both of them. One thing I truly believe is that they will not stop trying to find a way out.

Their journey is filled with suspense and mystery that kept me hanging on every word waiting to see how their journey would turn out in the end. Once I picked up Ink Raven I was immediately drawn into their world as it was so mesmerizing.

I would recommend Ink Raven to all paranormal romance fans! Grab your copy of Ink Raven today!

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