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Review: Little Horrors: Vol.3 by Steven Jenkins @Author_Jenkins

Little Horrors

8 Twisted Short Stories: Vol.3

by Steven Jenkins

Published: November 28, 2022

Publisher: Different Cloud Publishing

Genre: Horror, Anthologies, Short Stories


Are those teeth marks?”

Emma is a zombie. She’s one of the oldest rotters in existence. How long before the decay takes her completely?

Amidst a deadly pandemic, Sue is in lockdown, trapped alone in a hotel room. She’s desperate to escape the awful food, the crippling solitude. And the hideous presence sealed in with her.

Tasha’s life unravels after her boyfriend brings home a rare artifact: the ancient remains of the last vampire.

The world is watching Luke. Everyone knows his face. His every move. He is not a celebrity. Luke is the most loathed teenager on the planet.

During a zombie outbreak, Ian wakes up on a passenger flight. He’s tied to his seat, the cabin crew is missing, and he has a bite mark on his arm. Is it just a flesh wound? Or is Ian infected like the others?

Follow these lives and many more in another terrifying horror collection from Steven Jenkins

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My Review:

Little Horrors: Vol.3

Little Horrors: Vol.3 has a lot of stories about what happens after death in more ways than one. It has stories for every horror fan. It has zombie stories. It has vampire a story. It has a ghost story.

Each story has a lot to offer. Each story is unique in its own way. Each story is filled with monsters of its own. Each story has lots of twists that keep the pages turning.

Each story is a short story that reads like a full-length story. Each story will have you longing for more of the same.

I would recommend Little Horrors: Vol.3 to all horror fans. Grab your copy of this little jewel today for a monstrously good time.

The Last Supper

The Last Supper takes us inside the mind of a zombie.

We get to see inside the mind of one zombie and what happened on the day he became a zombie.

We get to see how he lives after he turns. We get to see what it is like to be a zombie. We get to see how his life is as a zombie. Like what his daily life consists of. We get to see what a zombie does from morning, noon to night, and day to day.


An eighteen-year-old has to live with the day he got hit by a car for the rest of his life in more ways than one. Infamous is a twisted but sad story for this one man. It is a sad story for everyone in his town.

He used to have friends but no longer does. The only friend he has now is his father. His mom left a long time ago. His dad had to become his mother and his best friend.

I can’t imagine everything that is going on in this young man’s mind or in his heart. I can’t imagine how he must really feel. I can only imagine the guilt and the loneliness that he has to be feeling. It all boils down to that one awful day. The day that he stayed up all night playing video games.


A woman goes to Italy for a conference. While she is there the world is put in lockdown because of a virus. The woman starts to see things in her hotel room. Is what she sees real or is it just her imagination?

Lockdown may be a short story but it packs a big punch. It leaves so much to the imagination. It has you wondering what was really going on. Was it real or not. The twists were huge for such a short story.

Alone with Everyone

What I found between the pages of this little gem is nothing at all to what I may have thought when I read that title Alone with Everyone. No, what lay between its pages is way different than I imagined.

I do believe that this is one story that I connected with from the beginning and more so than any other story I have ever read. I can relate to living alone and being all alone back when I was single. What this guy went through afterward I imagined the same thing happening to me over and over.

But I must say that I did enjoy reading Alone with Everyone as it does make you stop and wonder. When I started reading Alone with Everyone I never expected it to turn out the way it did in the end. But I did love the ending. It was like going full circle kind of.

The Bronze Cabinet

The Bronze Cabinet is a short story but reads like a full-length novel. A man buys a six hundred-year-old vampire. His girlfriend doesn’t like having it in the house.

Weird things start to happen around the house things that can’t be explained. The dead body appears to take on a different look. The change in the vampire is slow and hard to believe your eyes as if it is not actually happening or so your mind tells you.

I would love to read more about The Bronze Cabinet as I do believe there is a lot more to tell. The Bronze Cabinet reads like an introduction to a new story. The Bronze Cabinet is a great story for all vampire fans.


A woman moves into her new home and is confronted by the woman who lived there before her. Abigail is dead and has come back to ask this woman to help the police find the person who killed her.

Abigail is a short story but it has a lot between its pages. It tells a lot about Abigail and what happened to her and why she ended up dead. Abigail is a great story for all ghosts fans.

Seat 19F

A girl on a plane in seat 19F is on her way home to visit her mom and dad when a virus breaks out on the plane. People go crazy and start to bite others. This girl wakes tied in her seat, shouting help me I am not infected.

She tries desperately to get someone to release her. She tries to find a way to release herself. She thinks she is stronger and can fight off this virus so that she can’t become sick. She has to get home to see her parents this time.

Will the girl become a zombie-like so many others on the plane? Can she find someone who is willing to risk their life to save her? Can she find a way to help herself?

Seat 19F is a great story for all zombie fans.

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business tells the story of one man on his last day and what the afterlife is like. He has some unfinished business to attend to before he can move on.

Unfinished Business is a very short story with a few twists that will keep the story interesting from beginning to end. It is over before you know it. It will leave you thinking about it long into the night.

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