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Review: Claw (Zombie Slayer #3) by Gayle Katz @booksbygayle


Zombie Slayer #3

by Gayle Katz

Published: September 26, 2019

Publisher: In Your Face Publishers

Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Zombies


Three zombie slayers. Two zombie outbreaks. One magical zombie spell.

As manufactured zombie outbreaks surge in Portland, Seattle’s zombie infestation is resurfacing. To battle the undead on two fronts, Charlie and her team are split up to handle the creepy disturbances. Her path leads north in search of an ancient zombie leader while her team tackles the outbreaks in the city.

The slayers think on their feet and adapt quickly to combat the plague upon humanity. But as the danger escalates and things get out of hand, they'll need more than magic spells to save them from devastation.

Can Charlie and her team defeat the zombie leader and corrupt characters out to cripple the city? Or will one of their own be lured to the dark side?

Claw is the third thrilling installment in the post-apocalyptic Zombie Slayer series. If you like smart-alecky teens fighting the undead and stories that keep you guessing, you’ll love Claw.

Check out Claw and take a juicy bite of the zombie fun!

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My Review:

Claw is the third book in the Zombie Slayer series by Gayle Katz. As with the first two books, Claw starts everything off with a blast right out of the starting gate. The zombie fighting and the tension just keep growing page after page.

This series just keeps on spitting out those twists one after the other. And I love all the new takes on zombies and the zombie virus. I also love all the zombies. The suspense of waiting to see what is on the next page keeps me hanging on page after page. The more I read the more I want to read.

Each page seems to reveal more and more about the zombies and the zombie slayers. Each character just seems to grow with each book. The world that has been created for Zombie Slayer is one of the best I do believe that I have read it fits right up there with The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Z Nation just to mention a few as I could go on and on. As I have said before this is one series I sorely would love to see made into a TV show.

The more I read the more zombie outbreaks there seem to be. Which is a good thing if you are a zombie slayer or a zombie reader. The more zombie killing we have the better I like it. And let me tell you Claw does not disappoint in that department.

Charlie and her team of zombie slayers have split up this time around. Charlie is sent north in search of an ancient zombie leader while her team stays in Portland to combat all the zombie outbreaks on the home front. This time around could be very hairy for Charlie’s friends as they fight this new zombie outbreak.

As always I highly recommend Claw to all those zombie fans out there. Grab your copy of Claw today and help Charlie fight those zombies!

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