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Excerpt Tour + #Giveaway: Last Chance Town by Ron Kearse @GoddessFish

Last Chance Town: Further Adventures Along the Road Without End

by Ron Kearse

GENRE: Fiction


In this, the Further Adventures Along the Road Without End, we fast forward from where the story left off in 1983, to Vancouver, BC, in 1988. Warren Givens has completed his second jail sentence four years previous, after which he's vowed to lay low and stay clean so there's no return to "Clown-College," as he calls it.

A chance meeting at a pub one night introduces us to Daryl Kellerman, at first as Givens' one night stand, which quickly develops into a love and live-in relationship between them.

Warren's distant past comes front-and-centre in the form of his birth mother, who lost him to Social Services before he was ten years old, and has been looking for him ever since.

We get to know Warren's past and what's made him the way he is.

This, along with some other drastic life changing occurrences, propel Warren into a life he never thought he would live.

Later, we get to know what life was like living with Givens through Daryl's eyes as he reminisces over the years since their initial meeting.

Last Chance Town is the third book in the Road Without End Trilogy.

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Mmm, I don’t know…” I hesitated when he asked me to go with him.

C’mon, we’ll be fine,” he answered. “It will be so cool to feel the raw energy of Mother Earth. Besides, the volcano won’t hurt you and me, I promise.”

How can you promise that?” I asked.

My prayers are strong,” he answered. “Just wait, you’ll see. We’ll be fine.”

So, we boarded the helicopter, flew forty-five kilometres out to sea, and descended right into an opening of the wall of the crater of this active volcano. It has been known to come alive quite suddenly. In fact, it has erupted continually since 1975. There was a sulphur mine on this Island up until the 1930s—even though in 1914 part of the crater collapsed killing ten miners. I remember the overwhelming stench of sulphur, as we got out of the helicopter while a moonscape with yellow sulphur deposits up the side of the crater walls surrounded us. As we walked along the surface, there was steam in the air, and I could feel the ground actively vibrating beneath my feet. Was I scared shitless being there? Damn straight I was! But I have to admit, it was an interesting experience that has stayed with me until this day. And Paul was right, the volcano never even emitted so much as a small burp while we were there. But we really got up-close-and-personal with the raw energy of Mother Earth, and that was both terrifying and mind-blowing all at the same time.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Ron Kearse had a nomadic upbringing and finds inspiration in traveling, art, friends, reading, and photography. He's written reviews and features for local periodicals, co-hosted radio programs, conducted interviews on-air and in print, and has a colourful and varied resumé. He's hosted art exhibitions of his works and has had his photographs displayed in public showings. He presently lives in Victoria, BC, with his partner, James.

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