Saturday, December 17, 2022

Review: Q-umanity by J.V. Nolan


by J.V. Nolan

Published: April 15, 2021

Genre: Science Fiction, Short Stories


A choice-based interactive adventure. You decide on the fate of Rebecca Marshall.

A brilliant scientist seeks to restore balance to humanity's fate with her revolutionary technology. Albert Shaw will make sure that will not happen. Shaw will jump on this opportunity for his own gain, further degrading the social construct of Everest City. To protect what Rebecca possesses, she must remain elusive with the help of her old friend, Billy.

There is only one catch - she has 48hrs to do so.



My Review:

When I picked up Q-umanity to read I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but what lies between its pages is definitely not what I was expecting at all. Q-umanity was way better than I ever anticipated.

Q-umanity is about a world that is divided. Q-umanity gives you a lot to think about in terms that what is happening in its world could very well be where our world is headed today.

Q-umanity is a step into the future. A scientist has technology that someone wants very badly so badly that they would kill for it. Albert Shaw like almost everyone else wants to be very powerful. Rebecca Marshall has the knowledge to give him that power. Rebecca calls on an old friend to help her keep this new technology safe from Albert and his crew.

Q-umanity was a fast-paced short read that grabbed my attention with the first page that took off like a bat out of … Well, I guess you got that one, right? I enjoyed Rebecca and Billy’s journey as they fled for their lives and safety.  

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