Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Review: Feeders by Caleb Stephens @cstephensauthor


by Caleb Stephen

Published: October 10, 2023

Publisher: Timber Ghost Press

Genre: Horror, Suspense, Fiction


It’s just an average night at the Ink Tank, the tattoo shop in Austin, Texas, where Brynn works as a tattoo artist. After a long shift, all she wants to do is head home, pop a few pills from the fresh bottle of Roxicodone in her jacket pocket, and slip into a nice buzz. Her plans crumble when she’s abducted by her convict father, Alan, and forced into the road trip from hell: a cross-country trek to the Rocky Mountains and the shelter he built years ago to protect his family from the monsters living in his head, the monsters he says will erupt from the earth at any minute—the Feeders. With each mile he unravels further, thrusting Brynn back into the childhood nightmare she thought she’d escaped forever. Alan is paranoid, and he’s definitely dangerous—but is he crazy? In this novel, we find that truth is not always what it seems, and that some secrets are better left buried.

Praise for Feeders:

“I read 
Feeders in one bleary-eyed sitting and I swear by the end the words were wriggling right off the page. I thought I was devouring it, but nope, this book devoured me. First, it burrows. Then it erupts, taking what's left of your brain right with it.”

- Clay McLeod Chapman, author of Ghost Eaters

“If you’re looking for a book that’s going to make you feel safe and warm, 
Feeders is not the book for you. Stephens doesn’t pull any punches as he takes you on a journey that’s visceral, raw, and absolutely brutal. This book is a cult classic in the making.”

- Caitlin Marceau, award-winning author of This is Where We Talk Things Out

“A thunder beneath your feet, a power you haven’t felt before gathering in the broken earth…it’s Caleb Stephens emerging fully formed, ready to tear out your willing heart with both hands.”

- Andrew F. Sullivan, author of The Marigold and The Handyman Method

Feeders is an apocalyptic road novel with carnivorous bugs and a foot slammed squarely on the accelerator. Stephens crafts his story as an ode to the horror paperbacks of yore, where reading is akin to being swallowed whole, devoured by the power of unreality. But for every torn-up carcass, every tense square off, every horrifying revelation—there’s an underlying notion that people are good and worth fighting for. Feeders is a squint-through-your-fingers creature feature that never loses track of the people you hold when the monster comes for blood.”

- Carson Winter, author of Soft Targets

“Caleb Stephens' 
Feeders has all the thrills and epic scope of a long-running, post-apocalyptic TV series with none of the downside. There are no filler episodes or subpar seasons here as Stephens has crafted an exhilarating binge that will leave you satisfied.”

- CB Jones, The Rules of the Road

“Caleb Stephens has one speed: GO. 
Feeders devoured me in twenty-four hours, the drill bit of propulsive prose digging into my spine with the one-two punch of tender brutality that infuses every story Stephens births. He mines the beauty—and dysfunction—of family with a realism that makes me want to apologize to certain relatives and flip off others.”

- Christopher O'Halloran, editor of Howls from the Wreckage

Feeders, Caleb Stephens has managed to create a triple threat. One that is not only world-ending and road-trip taking, but thrives as a creature feature from a bygone era as well. Go on, take that ride. Thank me later.”

- Beau Johnson, author of Brand New Dark

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My Review:

Feeders is horror at its finest. It is very scary. The Feeders world is not a place or time I would ever like to visit. I can only imagine how all the characters felt with the horror showed their faces. Feeders kept me on the edge of my seat wondering if was real just like Brynn did.

Brynn was working at the Ink Tank, the tattoo shop in Austin, Texas where she is a tattoo artist. After working a long day all Brynn wanted was to go home pop a few pills and relax. But that didn’t happen as her father, Alan was waiting for her. He kidnaps Brynn and throws her in the back of a van. Alan was supposed to be in prison but had escaped.

Alan had been telling everyone for years that the creatures were coming but no one believed him. Brynn and everyone else thought he was crazy. Alan is taking Brynn to a shelter that he had built to keep his family safe from the Feeders.

Being with Alan brings up bad childhood memories for Brynn like the day her mother was murdered. Alan’s craziness finally got the best of him when her mother saw what he had been doing to Brynn which resulted in a horrific event for Brynn and her brother Mac.

Is Alan crazy? Are the monsters all in his head? Is Brynn in danger from her father or is there something more sinister out there waiting to feed? Will Brynn survive her ordeal with her father? If her father is right will they make it to safety before it is too late?

Feeders is one of the best books I have ever read. The world-building is just awesome, to say the least. I would love to read more from this world. When I was reading Feeders it kept reminding me of the movie Tremors. Feeders would make a great TV show or movie.

I highly recommend Feeders to all horror fans! Grab a copy of Feeders today! 

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