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Review: Descension: Knights of the Seraphim (Hell's Angel #2) by Olivia Boothe & Victoria Liiv @TheOliviaBoothe @liiv_victoria

Review: Descension: Knights of the Seraphim

Hell's Angel #2

by Olivia Boothe & Victoria Liiv

Published: October 10, 2023

Publisher: Three Brothers Press

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Demons, Supernatural, Thriller, Action



Five months ago, we won the battle for New York City, but the streets are once again overrun with the Damned, the zombie-like creatures carrying the deadly virus meant to wipe-out the world’s population. Except this time, they have evolved. They are no longer the mindless husks left behind by the infection.

Hungry, depleted of resources, and believing Mikha’el and his legion of angelic warriors have forsaken us, Jax and I lead a group of survivors to Albany in search of The Sanctuary, a community that promises protection and the hope for a new future.

But things quickly tip south when our group is ambushed by a brand-new enemy, and Jax and I are once again thrust into the fight to save humanity.

We may have defeated three of the four Horsemen and delayed Samael’s escape from his fiery prison, but Beleth, the Horseman of Death and the Devil’s mightiest lieutenant, is still at large, and he’s amassing an army far more dangerous than anything we could have conceived.

With a bounty on my back and a cadre of holy assassins on my tail, Jax and I are running out of time. We must collect all four Creation Stones and close the Gates before Samael escapes Hell and completely rips open the veil between our worlds, obliterating what remains of Earth’s last survivors.

Get ready for another action packed ride full of thrills and steamy romance as Kate, Jax, and their canine companion, Hank, return in this post-apocalyptic tale.

*For audiences 18 years+ Please check author’s website for full list of CW/TW

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My Review:

Descension: Knights of the Seraphim was just as good if not better than the first book Afterworld: Road to Redemption in the Hell’s Angel series written by Olivia Boothe & Victoria Liiv. The action ramps up even more in Descension: Knights of the Seraphim if that is even possible.

I could barely stay afloat as I raced through it wanting to know everything right now. I couldn’t turn those pages fast enough waiting for the next battle that I knew was sure to come.

I could scarcely take my eyes off the pages as Kate and Jax fought the Damned, the zombie-like creatures that carried the deadly virus that tried its best to wipe out the world’s population. These zombie-like creatures want to destroy the whole world and take it as their own.

Samael has escaped He11 and when he did the veil between our worlds was ripped open. Kate and Jax are determined to close it before the demons all escape and destroy what is left of the human world.

Descension: Knights of the Seraphim is filled with many twists and turns that keep the pages rolling. There are also some steamy romance parts as well. The descriptions of each battle were so well done making it so easy to picture them in my mind. The more I read the more I wanted to read. I do believe the fighting scenes are my favorite.

I sorely enjoyed reading Descension: Knights of the Seraphim and highly recommend it to all Demon and zombie fans. Grab your copy of Descension: Knights of the Seraphim today!

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