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Virtual Book Tour + #Giveaway: The Sunrisers by Robyn Singer @EmmaLSinger @GoddessFish

The Sunrisers

by Robyn Singer

GENRE: Lesbian Space Opera


After years of adventures, professional thief and amateur noodle critic Yael is invited to join The Order of the Banshee, a collection of the greatest female thieves in the universe, despite being decades younger than any of them.

Yael’s childhood best friend, Molina, has lived the opposite life: a stern and serious member of The Sunrisers, the universe’s premiere peacekeeping organization, she’s just been promoted to Captain, serving under her father. Her first assignment of her new command: Bring down The Order of the Banshee.

Yael and Molina now find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict neither of them will escape unscathed. The love they have for each other is the same as when they were young, but either their personal values or their love will break.

In this game of cat and mouse, both women must use all their wits and tricks to stay ahead of their new enemy. Will order triumph, or will chaos? No matter what, Yael and Molina will both lose.

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I'm so glad you came. This should, uh, be a lot more comfortable than talking over a holo-call or while I'm trying to avoid getting killed and you're trying to arrest people.”

The cadence of her voice and the way she spoke were identical to how she'd talked when we were younger. I believed that I'd grown and changed for the better in that area over the past decade, but this was one area where Yael hadn't changed at all. If I was going to get Yael to do what I wanted, I needed her to trust me. And more importantly, I wanted her to trust me.

Only a little afraid, I opened my arms up for a hug. “Try not to crush me this time, please.”

Her eyes slightly watering, Yael tightly, but not too tightly, wrapped her arms around me. In turn, I put mine around her. When we'd hugged on Milash's moon, I'd been too caught up in the moment to fully appreciate it. Now though, being in her arms again, feeling safe and protected, a single thought overtook my mind. Or rather, a single desire.

Do you think we hug too much?” I'd once asked when we were 13.

I mean, if you're getting tired of hugging, we could always try kissing,” Yael had replied.

I'd blushed and tugged at my long hair. “Are you...are you being serious?”

She'd narrowed her eyes. “Am I?”

Interview with Robyn Singer

    How did you become involved with the subject or theme of yourBook?

    For the subject matter, I was thinking of potential comps for my next book which would appeal to agents, and I ended up landing on “Killing Eve in Space”. When it came to the themes, I looked to the discrimination I’d faced as an Autistic woman, and my longheld desire for Autistic heroes in fiction, and went from there.

    What were your goals and intentions in this book, and how well do you feel you achievedthem?

    My goals were to give Autistic people a hero who truly represented them, and to tell a beautifully messy lesbian romance. Based on responses to the book so far, I think I absolutely achieved both of these goals.

    What was the hardest part of writing this book?

    The hardest part of writing this book was when my word doc got corrupted and I lost 10,000 words. This would present a problem under any circumstances, but I was attempting to write the entire first draft in a month. So, to stay on schedule, I rewrote all 10K words in a single day. I passed out as soon as I was done.

    What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

    The part of writing this book I enjoyed the most were the character interactions. Specifically, my favorite dynamics are probably between goofball, genius, thief Yael, and her apprentice P’Ken, the meek and anxious daughter of a finishing school headmistress, who wants to be a thief like Yael, and, of course, between Yael and her love interest/childhood best friend/newfound enemy, Molina.

    Whee there alternate endings you considered?

    I had some ideas, but I never seriously considered changing the ending, no.

    Can you share some stories about people you met while researching this book?

    Sorry, I can’t say I met anyone while doing my research. This was written during the peak of COVID, and it was a very insular experience.

    What genre of books do you enjoy reading?

    I’ll read any genre, except police procedurals, but female, queer, and POC leads are mandatory to capture my interest.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Robyn Singer is a lifelong New Yorker, and since she was a kid playing with her action figures, all she’s wanted to do is tell stories. She went to SUNY Purchase to get a degree in Playwriting & Screenwriting with a minor in Film and has produced several comic books, but she’s always had her eye on becoming a published novelist.

As an Autistic, bisexual trans woman, diversity and inclusion in stories are vitally important to her, and she seeks to represent as many groups as possible in her work. While she wants to show characters of marginalized groups experiencing joy, she also draws inspiration from real-world problems which bother her.

The Sunrisers (Cinnabar Moth Publishing, November 2022) is her debut novel. She writes novels and short stories of all genres and for all ages, and she continues to produce comic books. Her ongoing series, Final Gamble, will begin publication by Band of Bards in 2022.

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