Sunday, May 7, 2023

Review: One More Victim (A Callow and Oakley FBI Thriller #1) by David Viergutz

One More Victim

Callow and Oakley FBI Thriller #1

by David Viergutz

Published: May 7, 2023

Genre: Horror, Thriller


Killers don’t play by the rules…

After nearly dying in the line of duty, the FBI’s top criminal profiler Genevieve Callow contemplates a quieter life while struggling with survivor’s guilt.

She’s reminded every day that while she was fighting for her life, another predator was stalking the night in her hometown.

The Icebox Killer.

She knows now that home isn’t safe.

But she’s haunted, tired, barely recovered. There are other agents on the killer’s tail. They should be able to catch him.

Or can it only be her?

Now, in one brazen act, the killer has called out to her by name, taunting her―a game of cat and mouse.

Callow has a choice: Run and hide, or do what she does best and catch a maniac before he strikes again.

Even if facing him means the Icebox Killer claims one more victim …

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My Review:

One More Victim is the first book in the Callow and Oakley FBI Thriller series and like the prequel, Red Mud River it kept me on my toes racing to the end.

One More Victim is a very intense read that will have you hanging on every word. It will pull you deeper and deeper into its world.

I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough as I had to know it all and I wanted it now. On one hand, I wanted the end to come quickly but on the other hand, I never wanted it to end.

The suspense and all the twists had my heart racing as I tried to figure out who the killer was and what their motive was.

I felt for Callow from the moment I read the first page. I felt for Callow the moment the story began. David has a way of making you feel as if you know the characters. He knows how to write a story that will reach out and touch your heart in many ways. One More Victim is a roller coaster of emotions.

One More Victim reminds me of more than one TV show. TV shows like FBI, Law & Order, Quantico, and Prodigal Son just to name a few. If you like shows like these then I would highly recommend that you grab a copy of One More Victim today!

Be sure and check out all the books in the Callow and Oakley FBI Thriller Series.

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One More Victim #1




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