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Review: Kissing Nightmares by Lynn Robin @LynnRobinAuthor

Kissing Nightmares

Kissing Monsters #5

by Lynn Robin

Published: December 22, 2020

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Dark Fantasy


Half-dreaming, Zane reaches out expecting to find Kiss’s body next to him, to let his hands roam over her soft, round curves and satin skin, his arms aching to pull her closer so he can bury his face in her hair and then sink back into sleep, into a dream in which he can kiss her shoulder, her collarbones, her neck, her cheek, her lips.

He reaches.

But the bed is empty.

Nightmares have come to life. Angels are falling.

But love burns bright.

Traveling the world for weeks now, Kiss and Zane are still searching for the Wandering Artist to help them make a ring to tame the monster in Kiss’s heart who wakes up every single night, always hungry for a demon’s or a human’s blood.

Skylar tries to track them down, determined to make Lady Scarlet—and any other monster—disappear from the world, unaware of the trail of nightmarish creatures she’s leaving behind while doing so.

It seems that Skylar’s kisses might not turn monsters into angels after all… but into Nightmares instead.

Following the rumors about the Wandering Artist into dreamy snowlands, Zane and Kiss first believe Skylar and the angels are the only ones who stand between them and their love—but soon they realize there are worse opponents out there; those who would do anything to tear them apart.

Even if it results in blood.

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My Review:

Zane and Kiss have finally found a way for them to be together but they still can not have the one thing they truly desire and that is to be kissed. Zane won’t kiss Kiss because if he did she would turn into an angel and leave his world behind. And if Kiss kissed him then Scarlet would drain him dry and he would leave her world behind. Neither one wants a world without the other in it.

Zane and Kiss are scouring the world over for the Wandering Artist. They need him to make them a special ring for Kiss so she will no longer be the monster that she is when Scarlet shows her ugly head so to speak. Hopefully, this special ring will stop Scarlet from coming out and wanting to partake of a demon and human blood.

Meanwhile, Skylar is hot on their trail. Skylar wants to remove Kiss from this world like she does all monsters or so she thinks. Wherever she goes she is leaving a trail of nightmares. Skylar is a gifted one but instead of turning monsters into angels, she is turning them into a monster of a different kind. Her kiss does not make angels they make nightmare monsters.

Zane and Kiss, when are they going to get to have their day? When are they going to get that kiss they desire so badly? A kiss that will not rip them apart. Their love is so stronger for each other it's like a bright light shining through the darkness. A light that will never go out ensuring that they will never cross over to the dark side completely and totally. Their love keeps them growing and making them stronger always having a will to stay good allowing them to never be totally evil.

I know I have said it before but the Kissing Monsters stories just keep getting better and better with each book. I can’t get enough of these little gems. They are so precious in their own way. As I’ve said before I love this world with demons, angels, and monsters of different kinds. Stories filled with light and dark, good and evil, love and hate, demons and angels, and monsters.

A love, so strong that it will keep you hanging on with monster after monster wanting more and more from the first page to the last. A story that once you pick it up you can’t put it down until the last page is turned and then you are ready to dive into the next book on the list because you can’t stay away from its world for long.

As with all the books in the Kissing Monsters series I highly recommend Kissing Nightmares to all romantic horror story fans! One-click your copy of Kissing Nightmares today! Be sure and check out all the Kissing Monster books!

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